Why is Unique Content Important for SEO?

Anyone can build a brand using written material from other like-minded companies. And while the content may accurately apply, the unoriginal content is not likely to help with achieving marketing goals.

There are a lot of phrases that you will hear when it comes to your website’s SEO — and unique content is one of them. Including both text and images, this phrase means filling your website with content that won’t be found elsewhere so that you can stand out from the crowd.

Unique content should always be a key player in your SEO strategy. Let’s talk about why that is.

Greater Visibility in Search Results – and Higher Rankings

Search engines like Google look for unique content and often reward it with higher rankings in their list of results. After all, there are only so many websites with the same rhetoric that it can add to the list.

When fresh, original content is discovered, it has a greater chance for better placement in the results.

Of course, when you rank higher, you have greater visibility, more clicks, and more organic visits to your website which is exactly what you want your SEO to do for you.

Provide More Value To Your Audience

When was the last time you were searching for an answer to a question and ended up with multiple websites giving you the same answer? What if you were looking for more details or a different perspective? Or, at the very least, different wording?

Creating unique content doesn’t make you just another website. Instead, it provides your readers with more value because it gives them exactly what it is they are looking for. What’s more, content that provides value to the audience is more likely to be shared, liked, and commented on when placed on social media

Boost Your Credibility and Trustworthiness

Users find their way to your website because they are looking for answers to questions or solutions to problems. When you give them the honest, original content and the answers they are looking for, they are going to start turning to you as a reliable source — a leader in the industry.

Simply put, your readers are going to trust you.

When you create unique content, you are setting yourself (and your website) up to be a reliable, credible, and trusted source.

Avoid Ranking Penalties

It is so easy to just copy the work someone has already done — especially if that person is ranking high. Why not ride along on their curtails, right?


Because search engines want users to have the best experience ever, they are less likely to show similar content and more likely to turn to unique content.

Companies that are churning worn-out blogs or page content that contain much of the same information found on other sites will likely be penalized. This is done by keeping the website from seeing significant rankings and is one of the many ways they encourage unique content.

Don’t jeopardize your brand — make creating unique content a core part of your SEO strategy.

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