Why Doctors Are Moving Out of Cities

Many medical professionals are starting to flock out of major cities. Why would they leave their penthouses and busy lives? For a majority of doctors, the city is now dangerous. The more exposure they have outdoors, the more likely their patients are suffering because of it. Many real estate experts, like Shalom Lamm, are selling major property in rural areas. Due to the pandemic, everyone, including doctors, what to get out of city exposure. 

The housing market can be very temperamental. It takes an expert to know how trends correlate to the economy. Being a doctor is probably one of the most important careers a person can have in 2020. With thousands of COVID-19 patients, they have to stay safe and stay clean. Cities are heavily populated so that’s the last place doctors should be staying. Commuting to hospitals and offices has become more favorable to healthcare professionals. The fear of exposure in nursing homes, medical centers, hospitals, and other facilities is too high to take the chance. So many healthcare professionals want out of cities and are settling in suburbs. Real estate agents like Shalom Lamm are making sure they have suburban homes on their sale lists.