What You Need to Know About Health and Fitness in Latin America

Today’s health and fitness world is different from that of decades past. People are interested in boosting their health, not just changing the way that they look in preparation for a day at the beach. Both gym patrons and home fitness enthusiasts know that exercise is key to physical and mental health. They are searching for ways to stay fit without breaking the bank. 

The health and fitness market in Latin America is growing fast. Brazil alone boasts over 34,500 fitness clubs; more than nine million citizens pay for monthly gym memberships. Latin fitness giant BioRitmo has worked to make fitness accessible to more people throughout Latin America, resulting in the development of the Smart Fit gym chain. The company offers high-quality membership services at a cost that makes sense for patrons. It maintains facilities in Mexico, Columbia, and Chile in addition to 500 gyms in Brazil. 

The Smart Fit concept was developed by Edgard Corona after he noticed that people who wanted to find a great gym in Brazil without paying a fortune weren’t left with many options. On the creation of Smart Fit, Corona said, “The North American market already had gyms with monthly fees in the range of $20 USD, while in Brazil there were only two options: the most expensive or the cheapest, but which had a poor structure.”

As the CEO of Smart Fit, Corona works closely with his son, COO Diogo Corona, to continue to offer the people of Latin America high-quality gyms without the prices typically associated with premium fitness memberships. 

While Edgard and Diogo Corona worked to develop Smart Fit after observing North America’s response to the demand for affordable fitness, today’s Latin American fitness market is growing even faster than the market in North America. The fitness market in Latin America and the Caribbean is estimated at $235.4 billion USD, and current reports estimate that the market will grow at a compound annual rate of nearly 6.5 percent over the coming five years. 

Getting active is key to helping the people of Latin America achieve optimal health. Edgard and Diogo Corona are proud to do their part to help the people of Brazil, Columbia, Mexico, and Chile accomplish this. The most common health conditions in Latin America include heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure. While nearly everyone can improve their health with physical activity, people who live with these conditions receive even greater benefits from cardio and strength training.

The evolution of the health and fitness landscape, particularly in Latin America, underpins a seismic shift in the way people perceive fitness – as a gateway to better health rather than just a means to a physical end. The proliferation of gym chains like Smart Fit, championed by visionaries like Edgard and Diogo Corona, embodies this new paradigm of wellness. Their innovative approach to delivering high-quality, cost-effective fitness solutions caters to a burgeoning demand for affordable and accessible fitness facilities.

As the fitness market in Latin America continues to thrive, outpacing even its North American counterparts, initiatives like Smart Fit will play an instrumental role in combatting prevalent health conditions and improving overall wellness. Ultimately, it is through these concerted efforts that physical fitness becomes not just a luxury, but a fundamental right accessible to all, thereby fostering healthier, more vibrant communities across Latin America.