What To Know About Lingual Braces

Dental problems are common among children and adults, but that doesn’t mean they can’t have symmetrical teeth. Most patients prefer lingual braces for orthodontic care because they are hidden and have numerous other benefits.

Custom Designed

Lingual braces can be customized for each patient. The doctors will take a digital impression of the teeth, which will help them design the braces and brace brackets and archwires. Customization makes the lingual braces more comfortable than traditional metal braces.

Hygiene Routine

Lingual braces are invisible, so brushing and cleaning them may be difficult. The best idea is to buy a dentist’s mirror to help you see what needs to be cleaned better.

Lesser Pain

Most studies show that lingual braces are less painful compared to other treatments. Although you will experience tongue pain and discomfort, the problem will be reduced over time.

Fewer Lifestyle Changes

It is common to experience some changes after wearing braces for the first time. You will get used to eating soft foods and learn how to clean them. Playing instruments like the French horn or trumpet is not easy with traditional braces. However, lingual braces don’t affect playing brass or woodwind instruments. Also, it is easier to kiss with lingual braces because there are no distractions on the front of the teeth.


Lingual braces, which may include wires, braces, and elastic bands, are placed at the back of the teeth. Unless you open your mouth wide, other people cannot see them. Also, the braces cannot damage the front tooth surface. This treatment is best for people who don’t want to show that they’re straightening their teeth.

Fixed Treatment Procedure

Unlike treatments such as Invisalign, you don’t have to remember to replace lingual braces every two weeks or keep track of how long you’ve worn them each day. For Invisalign, patients should wear them for 22 hours daily. Since lingual braces have a fixed treatment, the wearer doesn’t have to make an effort during treatment.

They Help Boost Confidence

Untreated misaligned teeth or bite issues can lead to low self-esteem and confidence issues. It may also necessitate complex treatment later. Lingual braces can help restore and improve the shape of your mouth, thus boosting your self-esteem.

Food Restrictions

There’s always confusion about what to eat or not eat after wearing lingual braces. Like traditional braces, hard foods like corn on the cob or apples should be avoided. To keep the braces clean, avoid sticky foods like caramel or chocolate. You can eat bread, soft grains, vegetables, cheese, and meat cut into small pieces.

Flexible Placement

You don’t have to place lingual braces on all your teeth. The treatment depends on your tooth problem. If you don’t have issues like a bad bite, an orthodontist Arvada CO-based, will only put braces on teeth that require straightening. The treatment may cost less than cosmetic treatment because the braces are used where necessary.

Lingual braces are ideal for teeth straightening and treating severe dental issues while maintaining discretion. They are invisible and best for people who cannot wear traditional braces for social or professional reasons.