What Is the Graduate Medical School Admissions Test?

The Graduate Medical School Admissions Test, otherwise called GAMSAT, is an example of an aptitude test utilized to choose pupils for a graduate-entry level medical degree in the United Kingdom (UK). It’s likewise at times employed to evaluate graduates who apply to the standard 5 or 6-year medical classes. Whilst GAMSAT was initially created in Australia, it’s currently getting popular within medical schools in the UK and Ireland as well. GAMSAT is intended to test a broad selection of skills required to have a successful medical career, together with the student’s skills in critical thinking, time management, and analytical abilities.

In this article, we will make clear all that’s needed for you to know regarding GAMSAT 2022.

Which format is GAMSAT 2022 going to be?

GAMSAT is somewhat unique compared to additional medicine aptitude exams, like the UCAT or the BMAT, because you take it over a whole day. GAMSAT test lasts four hours and forty-five minutes, which includes giving the test taker nineteen minutes to read it. They are additionally provided a half-hour break in the middle so they can eat a snack or take some other kind of break during this lengthy exam.

GAMSAT UK has 3 parts:

GAMSAT Part 1: Reasoning in Humanities and Social Sciences

The test takes seventy minutes (to include six minutes to read the section) to respond to forty-seven multiple choice type questions centered on a range of stimuli. They get tested on their capacity to decipher ideas centered on visual images, as well as written sections.

GAMSAT Part 2: Written Communication

This part necessitates the test taker compose 2 essays. Sixty-five minutes total are provided for completing this part along with five minutes to read it. Therefore, each one of the essays ought to require around thirty minutes to finish. Task A has a tendency to be centered on cultural and social and problems, although Task B is generally something a bit more personal.

GAMSAT Part 3: Reasoning in Biological and Physical Sciences

The last part Gamsat Section 3 is composed of seventy-five multiple choice type questions which are science-based. Test takers receive 150 minutes for replying to all the questions, as well as eight minutes to read the material.  Questions are separated into 3 types of sciences, Forty percent relate to biology, while forty percent relate to chemistry, and the last twenty percent relates to physics.

In what places can one take this GAMSAT UK exam?

Several test centers exist all over the UK to take the GAMSAT exam. These include:





Edinburgh (Scotland)

Cardiff (Wales)

Derry/Londonderry (NI)

Note: the March 2022 version of the GAMSAT UK is only going to happen in Derry, Liverpool, and London.

The cost of the GAMSAT exam in UK is £268.

If someone misses the deadline to register to take the GAMSAT, they may still take the test, however, they must pay a late fee totaling £60 besides the normal fee to register to take it. More info on the way to register and pay to take the GAMSAT Medicine exam can be found on the test administrator’s website.

How do they score GAMSAT?

Each one of the GAMSAT’s 3 parts gets graded on a scale going from zero to one hundred. These scores aren’t based on a percentage, they are done on a scale based on the taker’s raw score they received from more than one sitting. That means it is possible to completely compare your score from GAMSAT using more than one sitting.

The total score for the GAMSAT UK gets a weighted average using those 3 individual portion scores.

In what way will I find out how I scored on the GAMSAT 2022?

Test takers will get an email with their GAMSAT scores after the testing timeframe is done. Thus in regard to the September 2022 GAMSAT exam, they will get their scores by the middle of November. It is a good idea to remember that if someone is trying to apply for getting into a 2023 Medicine university, that means they won’t have their score whenever they send in their UCAS application in October.

Can the GAMSAT be retaken?

Yes! There’s not a limit as to the number of times one can take the GAMSAT exam. The scores are good for 2 years. Since there are two timeframes every year, that means there are 4 prospective chances to take the test during each of the applications cycles.

So, the September 2022 entry test scores for the GAMSAT from May of 2020, Sept of 2020, March of 2021, and Sept 2021 are good. Universities won’t know if you took the exam several times, plus are able to decide which of the scores you would prefer to send to them.


GAMSAT Medicine exam is an important piece of your application to go to medical school. It is an example of one of the main methods UK medical colleges decide what applicants they will invite to the interviews. Whilst the test may at first appear intimidating, it’s totally possible to get a high score if you prepare carefully. Take a look at our top tips for taking the GAMSAT along with the preparation guide to finding out more.