Top Reasons Why People Love To Wear Big Hats

Horse racing is very popular in the western world. There are multiple odd practices connected to this traditional sport. One of them is wearing massive and elaborate hats as it has become a time-honored custom. Hence, you will see many individuals showing off their big hats with detailed artwork on the horse court. It has become the trend. The entire concept is not new, as it has its roots in ancient times. However, most people think, why is it that people wear such big hats when attending horse races?

A quick look at the history will reveal that horse racing dates back to ancient times. It was prevalent among widespread civilizations, mainly in the western world. The nomadic herdsmen used to wear it when attending these events. The value associated with horse and racing has an integral relation with this headwear.

The 12th-century culture has a lot to say

When considering history, you cannot avoid the 12th century. It is a time when horse races were famous. It has become a staple in this industry. However, it was in the 17th century that properly organized horse racing started. During these times, people took a lot of care of their attire. A stylish headwear and loud attire were a must. Hence, people tried to create their unique sports look by experimenting with their elaborate and detailed headwear.

Class status and horse racing

Horse racing is an expensive affair. Hence, only the upper-class individuals had access to these events. The expense of purchasing animals, paying jockeys, maintaining stables, and controlling the breeds was a costly affair. Hence, the individuals who are involved in these racing belong to some distinct class. They were known for their status and significance.

During this time, hats became fashionable attire. During that time, people could afford this headwear and show it off before others. Wearing extravagant hats had become a typical fashion. However, it was not only restricted to the horse event but also other races. Individuals who were a part of these races were fashionable and influential. The tradition slowly became popular with time. It became an iconic symbol among the high-class and affluent sections.

Make an impact on all sections of society

Not only horse races but the fashionable attire that people wore impacted all classes. From slaves to the landlords, everybody adored this headwear. Those were fashionable times, and people were always cautious about their accessories. 

These hats are a result of sophistication. It took a lot of time to come up with one single hat. People used to pair big hats with fancy dresses and also formal attire—the longstanding custom and tradition of wearing elaborate hats were a must. You will find individuals attending different races with extravagant and beautiful hats. They have now become typical attire. It has started taking the place of a standard practice among different sections of society.

The modern usage of big hats

These days you will find multiple varieties of big hats in the market. Hats have created a place for themselves in modern industry. From baseball hats to bucket hats to snapbacks and fedora, they are a functional, versatile, and stylish addition to your wardrobe. Apart from this, they have practical implications and are suitable for multiple occasions. Whether it is snow, sun, hey, or rain, your hat becomes an essential part of your dress. It elevates your personality to another level.

There are fedora hats, baseball caps, and Panama hats. These hats have remained in trend and have made a lot of modifications in their appearance. If you speak specifically of fedora hats, they have become an essential accessory. Today broad-brimmed hats have become a fantastic addition to the modern man’s wardrobe. Although there are multiple colors and sizes, you can stick to neutral tones.

In addition to this, there are trilby hats as well. They also come within the category of big hats. These hats have distinct features such as a tall crown and narrow brim. These are the perfect headwear for autumn to spring. Wearing these hats will give you a unique impression and also protect you from the sun. Hence, if you want to make a statement impression, you can hardly compromise with hats. You will have to mix and match different elements so that they are in proper balance. 

Although it is very confusing on the first go, you will eventually master the art of wearing hats. You can go for Panama hats as well for that tropical and seaside look. These are best for blue skies and sunshine. If you want to rock the party with your distinct features, you can hardly compromise on hats. Try getting edgy in your choice of hats. Don’t make usual choices. You can choose unique hats.