The Healthy Modernization of Commercial Real Estate

commercial real estate

A healthy portfolio is one of diversification of investment. Hedging your bet is a smart play – as they say, you don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket.  During the global pandemic, the commercial real estate market underwent rapid change and was severely at risk.  Retail was in significant trouble and going forward, many will need to rethink how such use of space works.  

While some workers are going back to the office, it is not a foregone conclusion that office space will get back to normal anytime soon.  Many offices have a slow phased reopening plan and still others are only allowing limited percentages of their staff in the office.  Others still may be going fully remote and won’t want to renew their office space leases or will resort to a hybrid form of work that could get away with a much smaller real estate footprint. 

Commercial real estate needs to become more nimble in putting deals together as many would do better fulfilling very specific deal criteria.  People are missing deals in their very own backyard as the systems that support the industry are behind the times. 
Learn more about modernization of the commercial real estate market in the following visual deep dive below:

modernizing commercial real estate lending