The Growth of Marijuana for Medicinal Purposes

What’s your view on marijuana? Whether it’s positive or negative there’s no doubting the fact that its use in medicine is growing. It has been used for centuries as a remedy due to its amazing benefits. 

In the 60’s it was extremely popular for recreational use but has gained quite a bad reputation over the years. However, people are using it more and more for their health benefits, and it’s doing a great job!

What You’ll Need

To get you on your way with your new medication you’ll need some equipment. You need some way to take it whether it be smoking, baking, or as an oil. According to Breazy, there is so much available nowadays and some popular choices are pipes, a silicone nectar collector, or vaporizers. 

You also need the cannabis itself. In some states it’s now available to buy strictly for medicinal purposes. You can also grow your own if you are able to get your hands on some seeds. You need to do some research on the best environment for it to thrive.

What It’s Good For


If you suffer from any kind of pain you’ll know that a bit of relief goes a long way. Marijuana does wonders for pain and gets to work fast. It’s excellent for those with arthritis or other illnesses involving chronic pain.


If you’ve ever smoked you’ll most likely have experienced the munchies. Are we right? It’s because it increases appetite and is perfect if you are suffering from a loss of appetite for any reason. 


It also works miracles for muscle spasms and can work its magic on anyone with epilepsy, tourettes, or even if you need a muscle relaxer.


Some people have even claimed that it’s cured their cancer or other serious diseases. But, there’s not too much evidence to back this up yet. If it’s true, though, the future of medicine could be completely changed.

Is it All Positives?

Well, to be honest, we think it is. There isn’t really any evidence out there proving any negative effects on those that consumed it for medical purposes. It may cause a little tiredness and a few other mild side effects. But these are likely far weaker than the strong pain meds you get prescribed.

Compared to recreational use it’s much safer. You’ll probably only take small amounts and be able to go about your activities as usual without much (or any) effect.

A Final Word

You’ll need to do a bit of research first to check out laws in your area and what is acceptable. Soon it’s likely to be legal almost everywhere, so don’t be afraid. It’s a natural medicine that seems to work better than anything else.

So, if you’re umming and erring about trying it to help you with pain or to better handle a disease we say go for it! Don’t overdo it but give it a try and see for yourself how much it can do for you. If you don’t like it you can always stop. But, we think it’s worth a try.