The Cost Of LASIK Eye Surgery And What You Can Expect

The cost of LASIK surgery can drastically vary from region to region in the United states. In the North Florida and Jacksonville areas you can expect relatively reasonable costs. 

From what we have been able to tell from our research these prices range from $2200 an eye to $3200 per eye. The main issue with determining the absolute price is that the LASIK discounters quote very low, but by the time you get a real price you are basically at the same range. 

LASIK eye surgery prices have become hard to compare due to corporate entities that emerged in the field of LASIK during the late 1990’s. LASIK’s success rate and popularity attracted numerous chains offering discount pricing. 

Aggressive advertising campaigns followed that often promised a low price simply to lure the patient in the door. After arriving at the FREE LASIK consultation most patients quickly realized that the advertised price would not work for them because their vision was outside the parameters.

Very few patients pay the low initial advertised price. Indeed, according to a South Florida Business Journal report, the national operations director of a well-known discount center stated that their average customer paid close to $2200 per eye, even though the advertised price was only $299. 

Several of these chains ended up bankrupt, after paying fines to the SCO for fraudulent advertising.

During the process of our research we found that there were several Jacksonville LASIK providers that were actually very straightforward and had a really nice streamlined process. 

We learned that you do need to have a pre-operative LASIK exam to really determine the actual price. I preferred the clinics that were all-inclusive and did not nickel and dime me in the consultation process. 

It is important to make sure any follow up care is covered either by your optometrist or your actual LASIK provider. We enjoyed the free LASIK consultation with Dr. Schnipper at the Jacksonville Eye Center because he actually did the LASIK consultation himself. 

This was not a PA or technician but the real ophthalmologist himself. If you are seeking a Jacksonville LASIK surgeon this is a good starting point. 

The Cost of LASIK is less than what you spend on glasses and contact lenses

The Cost of LASIK VS. Contact Lenses (Source *Archives of Ophthalmology, WebMD – 2006)

Many factors go into determining how much you pay for contacts. How many eye appointments? Are you changing contacts every day? Do you need new contact lens fitting frequently? The average contact lens wearer invests between $75 and $100 per month on their eyes.

When projected out over the normal length of time the average person wears contacts – 10-20 years – the total cost for contact lens wear can range between $9,000 and $15,000. 

What seems to most patients as a modest and acceptable annual investment in their contact lenses can quickly grow into a substantial expense.

LASIK appears to be a better long-term investment than contact lenses. There are some additional concerns about long term corneal damage from contact lenses. 

Contact lens wearers face a much greater risk of developing serious eye infections and corneal ulcers or abrasions, than patients receiving LASIK. This is especially true for long-term contact lens wearers. As indicated in the Archives of Ophthalmology, ” 

If LASIK price is a concern then research LASIK financing options 

We were excited to see that almost every LASIK practice offers some type of financing and HAS/FSA spending plans. Some insurance companies might also be able to provide discounts for LASIK. 

Considering cost can be a major barrier for many people, we were relieved to see that most practices have options for this. CareCredit® appears the market leader in elective medical financing but other options exist.

How does LASIK save money over time?

The cost of LASIK surgery may seem like a big investment, but it can actually help save you money in the future. By freeing you from glasses and contact lenses, LASIK reduces costs associated with frames, prescription sunglasses, contacts, and contact lens solutions. That way, you’ll have more money in your pocket in the long run.

What LASIK research steps should I take prior to scheduling a consult?

Take the time to do the proper research regarding LASIK surgeons. Just in Jacksonville alone, there are varying types of LASIK surgeon personalities. Take the time to find one that you trust and that works for your personality. 

A major factor to look at is the experience of a surgeon. You want an experienced surgeon with many cases that had positive outcomes. If the yelp or google reviews look bad, question that a bit. 

Additionally the technology for LASIK can vary widely. Make sure that the practice has updated equipment and can explain why they have the best technology. Lastly, prepare a set of LASIK surgeon questions that you can take to the consultation. Good luck with LASIK shopping.