The Art and Science of Local Landing Pages

location page seo

If you’re like many businesses, you saw an unprecedented need for rapidly moving much of your business focus to online instead of in-person. Digital has become the new real estate, and it’s more important than ever to get the attention of customers online.

When you are a business with one or more locations, it’s the holy grail of SEO to start showing up in the Google maps 3-pack – as in the top map results that also show in a standard Google search. The key is getting your local landing page done right. There is an art and science for designing landing pages for SEO. Here’s a list of what to focus on:

1. Create content unique to each local page

2. Use images and videos of each location

3. Give visitors a way to interact via social media

4. Link to directions via Google Maps

5 . List hours of operation and open now status

6 . Achieve high Core Web Vitals and speed scores

7. Showcase native (1st party) reviews

8. Offer a coupon for barcode attribution

9. Address safety and social distancing

10. Emphasize keywords and location information

Learn how to stand out from the rest of your competitors in terms of local landing pages as well as mutl-location landing pages through this comprehensive study and infographic from Wiideman below.

Anatomy of a Local Landing Page