Skin Hydration in 2020

Our skin needs to remain hydrated for a variety of reasons. First off, what a person puts into their body is extremely important. The amount of water they drink helps define if the skin should be healthy or not. The more water a person drinks, the better chance they have at maintaining more elastic and hydrated skin. Helen Lee Schifter,  a wellness expert, also enjoys drinking adequate amounts of water to help with the buoyancy of her skin. There are additional ways to help improve skin tendencies through the application of different products. This includes purchasing hydrating serums or creams that might help add vitamin and minerals to the skin. The purpose of having hydrated skin is to avoid flaky, dull, dry patches, and also reduce irritation. Many men and women find itchy patches all over their bodies if they don’t hydrate efficiently. The water content in the skin should be high and it does take time to achieve results. Another benefit of keeping skin hydrated is that it helps avoid acne. Many times, if the skin lacks water or vitamins, it can break out. Hyaluronic acid is great for curing pimples and breakouts but it should always be the last result. The toxins in our skin are easily manipulating the breakouts that occur. When a person neglects taking care of their skin by not establishing a skin routine, it can be detrimental to long term skin progress.  

Drinking lemon water or taking Vitamins D and C can really help with the skin’s longevity.  The more people that look into their skin routines and fully understand what their skin needs, the better chance the skin has to be hydrated and healthy. When a person has extremely dehydrated skin, and natural remedies are not working, then it might be time to speak with a dermatologist. Also, remember hydration and moisturization are very different things. When a person is hydrated that means they are succeeding in having adequate amounts of water during the day. Moisturizing with lotions or creams can pollute the skin in some cases. Making sure that the products used are hypoallergenic is extremely valuable for long term results. Another way to protect the skin, especially for those who live in warmer climates is by using a substantial amount of sunscreen, sun damage can cause dehydration and damage to the skin This includes sunspots and many other possible diseases, like cancer. The overexposure of the skin to the sun can really be harmful, especially for those who suffer from other illnesses as well. The more time a person takes to fully develop a skincare regimen, the better chance they have at protecting their skin from damage.  Helen Lee Schifter eats fruits and food that is enriched with water In addition, culture-based fruits like oranges and lemon have an acidity good for the skin while being packed with nutrients. If there is a sustainable amount of dehydration or any other issue with the skin, see a healthcare professional.