Signs Your Loved One Could Be Struggling With Substance Abuse

Man sitting on a couch with glass and bottle of whiskey

Substance abuse can completely change the lives of everyone in a family. Noticing signs of substance abuse early can be so important when it comes to intervention. There are some that suffer from addiction that hides it in an expert manner with some doing this for years. Others get help when people in their life notice as many addicts hide their addiction out of shame/embarrassment. Helping a person early can help them avoid mistakes that can be difficult to overcome when their addiction worsens. Below are signs that your loved one could be suffering and struggling with addiction in some capacity. 

Recent Legal Trouble

Legal trouble due to substance abuse is common as drug possession charges and DWI arrests happen frequently to addicts. Drunk driving defense needs to be handled by an expert in the field as this is a serious charge that is nearly impossible to have expunged from your record. Arrests can have a positive outcome as a person might feel like they’ve hit rock bottom and decide to get help for their addiction. 

Asking To Borrow Money For The First Time

Financial issues could arise due to addiction which could result in a loved one asking you for money for the first time. Times are tough due to inflation along with interest rates so asking for a loan does not automatically mean a person has an addiction. A loss of a steady job along with sudden issues with money can indicate addiction though. Avoid loaning money to those you suspect have an addiction as you do not want to enable them. Offering to pay bills directly can be important as you do not want to give cash to a person deep in their addiction. 

Major Changes In Behavior

Major changes in behavior can include not having a passion for something that the person once loved. This could be sports or even a hobby that they truly enjoyed. Sleeping patterns can also change in a major way for someone abusing something like stimulants. A lack of sleep along with malnutrition can lead to major mental changes. Losing weight suddenly can be another sign tha a person is struggling with substance abuse or other mental health issues. 

You Witness Them Out Of Control

A person that gets out of control in one way or another can be impossible to calm down. Alcohol is the biggest offender as some people get combative and aggressive after drinking far too much. There could be family occasions where alcohol is consumed and a person could get far too intoxicated for the event. Most addicts isolate themselves so they might be able to hold it together for a family event. You might find that a loved one comes around far less and you see other changes in how they act. Stay aware of usual behaviors as these could be telltale signs of addiction that you could be overlooking. 

Substance abuse can really change the lives of an entire family. Stay actively aware of your loved ones by checking in regularly. You don’t want loved ones coping with substance abuse when what they might need is someone to talk to.