Recovering from Muscle Soreness the Right Way

No matter how athletic and fit you may be, suffering from an injury could be inevitable. For instance, even bodybuilders get involved in gym accidents due to equipment malfunctions, resulting in damages, such as shin splints, ankle sprain, and back strain.

The same thing occurs in athletes while playing their sports. Basketball players are prone to experiencing sprains, strains, and thigh bruises. On the other hand, soccer athletes often have Achilles tendonitis and other similar injuries. Incidents as such are greatly unpredictable and the healing process could take a long time. 

Thus, returning to your normal workout or exercise routine may not be easy after suffering from injuries. For that reason, performance-enhancing drugs, such as Peptides BPC 157, were developed. With the proper dosage intake, they would be a great solution to hasten one’s healing and recovery.

If this is your first time hearing about BPC 157 Peptides, then you shouldn’t miss out on reading the essential facts laid out for you in this article. 

What Is Peptides BPC 157?

Naturally, peptides are short-chain amino acids found in the human body that regulates specific bodily functions. Although Body Protective Compound (BPC) 157 Peptides is synthetically produced, it basically acts as a common peptide. 

As it’s derived from human gastric juice, it proved to be greatly effective in treating and regulating the condition of the intestine. Repairing damages constantly occurs in the intestine, so BPC 157 helps a lot in preventing ulcers, controlling blood vessels, and stabilizing the microbiome.

This is also why this supplement is greatly popular among bodybuilders and sportspersons. Serving a protective peptide, it enhances the healing effect in the upper and lower GI tract. 

Benefits of BPC 157

Aside from BPC 157 Peptides’ ability to enhance healing and recovery, there are several benefits one can get from its constant usage:

  • Improves stomach and intestinal conditions: BPC 157 has been discovered to help with managing organ damage, fistulas, stomach ulcers, and other inflammatory conditions.
  • Helps in healing different body tissues: This peptide helps increase the blood flow back to the areas of injuries which lessens the feeling of discomfort, especially in the tendons, muscles, nervous system, and ligaments.

    It speeds up the angiogenic repair, consequently accelerating the process of wound healing.
  • Could heal other types of wounds: Apart from a muscle injury, BPC 157 can be a great aid in treating gastric ulcer, cornea, anastomosis, and segmental bone defect.

Proper Intake of BPC 157

You have 4 options in taking BPC 157 Peptide: orally, subcutaneously, nasally, or intramuscularly. The last one can be the most painful yet the fastest when it comes to wound recovery. 

However, injections and oral capsules are the most common ones among users. If you’ll primarily use it in treating stomach, intestinal, and gut problems, it would be best to opt for the capsule. Otherwise, have it injected when you want to address muscle sprains, ligament damage, and inflammation.

The standard intake would be 3 doses of 200 to 1,000 mcg per day. It’s highly recommended to take it before eating in at least 3-hour intervals. When planning to discontinue its use, you first need to maintain its intake for 2 to 4 consecutive weeks.

Speed Up Your Recovery With BPC 157

Although the effects of BPC 157 Peptide may vary from one person to another, several users already had noticeable results within just 2 days of using it. The longest may take up to 2 weeks, depending on the dosage and number of intake per day. 

Yet to achieve maximum results, you may still pair it up with other peptides, such as PT-141 and Melanotan. 

However, remember that you shouldn’t be overdependent on it because regardless of the benefits you can get, complications may still occur. It may be proven safe for use, but you should still be wary of side effects that could take a toll on your body. 

Never use more than the recommended dosage or follow the dose you think is best for you. For a safer experience, consider consulting a professional or researching more about BPC 157 Peptide online.