Reclaim Your Peace of Mind Through Quality Sleep

quality sleep

Health-related consequences of inadequate sleep can be detrimental. Research has shown that adults who catch Zs for six hours or less each night possess a risk of mortality that’s 13% greater than their peers who consistently snooze for seven or more hours each night.

8 in 10 Americans are stressed. After two years of Coronavirus restrictions and anxieties, and a recent onslaught of global and domestic events and crises, including the developing Russian invasion and inflation, U.S. adults have reached unprecedented levels of stress. The results of a recent survey examining correlations between sleep and stress revealed that 57% of U.S. adults have difficulty sleeping due to ‘active minds’, and 49% report hardship because of anxiety. This national sleeplessness has bred tremendous demand for sleep aids. Since COVID-19 first scoured the earth in 2020, nearly one-third of U.S. adults have taken non-prescription sleep remedies while a fifth have begun taking prescription sleep medications.

In addition to improving one’s overall well-being and cognitive function, sleep provides innumerable benefits crucial to productivity, performance, emotional stability, and much needed in today’s state of global health, immunity, as sleep deprivation puts Americans at augmented risk of illness. With one-third of U.S. adults not getting enough sleep, we need all our due Zs.

Take time to care for you and find bedding that facilitates maximum comfort in an effort to ease your stress and improve your sleep. Let’s put an end to restlessness together, ushering in a dawn of restfulness.

Stressed & Not Sleeping — How you can improve your sleep
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