A Thoughtful Departure: The Benefits of Early Funeral Preparation

Pre-planning a funeral may seem like swallowing a poisoned pill for many people. It hurts to think that we will all pass away some day and leave this world. Nevertheless, there are milestone events in life when it is easier to plan for a funeral. And when plans are made well in advance and insured, it eliminates the stress of dealing with the complications and costs at a time when gloom and mourning make the heart sad.


When to Plan


The best times to plan for a funeral are when it becomes an ordinary aspect of estate planning. In the same manner that someone prepares a Last Will and Testament to disperse their possessions at the time of death, preparing ones’ funeral, burial, or cremation is just another element of that legal matter.


Major life events, such as marriage, the birth of children or grandchildren, or asset acquisitions, are ideal times to prepare for end-of-life memorials. When you are diagnosed with a major illness or you’ve reached the age when the end seems nigh, planning your funeral also makes sense.


The Key Benefits of Early Planning


To plan a funeral early is a way of giving a gift to the ones you love and ensuring that they aren’t burdened if you untimely expire. Furthermore, it will garnish respect for the family name when the patriarchs are buried or remembered in an honorable manner planned out well in advance.


Additionally, many funeral homes allow people to lock in a price when they plan their funerals. This will eliminate any guesswork over how much it will cost when the family is torn with grief and acts as a hedge against inflation.


Another key benefit of early funeral preparation is the ability to buy a travel protection plan. A travel protection plan will insure that the body is returned home if the decadent expires abroad.


There can be a lot of bureaucratic red tape and expense if someone passes away unexpectedly while on vacation. Many funeral homes will ensure that your arrangements will be handled and paid for well in advance.


If the body is not flown home in a timely manner, it will start to decompose and diminishes the appearance of the decadent. When you are contracted and the policy is activated by an untimely death abroad, there is nothing for the funeral home to do but exercise their duty under the contract.


Early preparation also allow you to consider what kind of food you would like to serve and if you’d like to prepare a video montage for everyone to remember you by. There are a lot of creative aspects in funeral planning that can ease the suffering of loved ones when you pass away. Reminding them of the good times and keeping your memory alive in their hearts can influence them for the rest of their lives and carry on family traditions.


You can also insure that near and dear friends are invited to the funeral and choose the style of the invitations. Choose the prayers that you’d like others to pray and decide what flowers you’d like displayed. The sky is really the limit on your final expression of creativity when you prepare your funeral in advance.