How Penuma is Transforming Male Confidence


It’s the elephant in the room — the confidence deficit in men concerned about their nether region dimensions. But there’s good news: Dr. James Elist’s Penuma has single-handedly solved the problem with a silicone implant that transforms a little guy into a not-so-little guy

Penuma is a silicone implant that is inserted into the penile shaft through a concealed surgical incision. The whole procedure usually takes about 45 minutes but gives men a lifetime of confidence. It’s the first Food and Drug Administration-cleared aesthetic penile `implant on the market and has already transformed the lives of scores of men. 

“I spend every day of my practice trying to figure out ways to better serve my patients,” Elist told Ideamensch. “For years, I had been searching for a real solution for men who either had a medical issue or who were dissatisfied with the length and/or girth of their penises. I say a real solution because those that had been available to men were extremely unsatisfactory.”

One of the biggest impacts of the implant, other than the literal impact on the size of the penis, is that it has bolstered the confidence of those who have received it. According to a clinical report published by Elist, 72% of his patients reported an increase in self-confidence

Satisfied Penuma Patients

One of Dr. Elist’s patients said that his post-op swagger has allowed him to attract more women and earned him the respect of men, boasting, “Now I show when I wear my blue jeans, and I catch women and men looking. Their attitude is like, ‘Oh, this guy is an alpha male,’” he said. 

Improving male confidence was one of the biggest motivators for Elist. Having worked as a urologist with a specialization in impotence and ED treatment, he often saw how the penis became a scapegoat for everything wrong in a man’s life. 

“Some of these people, they have been convinced that any failure in their relationships, in their business, with their partner, in their bed, is related to their penis,” the doctor told GQ magazine, noting that they often find themselves stuck in this loop and become obsessed with the idea that their small penis size is to blame for all their woes. 

Obsessive or not, it’s an actual issue for some people and impacts their quality of life. For many patients, Penuma was an almost magical fix. 

One patient painfully recounted how, back in 10th grade, he was forever scarred after his first love was unimpressed by his penis. At 3.5 inches, his little guy was just short of being a micropenis — an actual medical term. 

“I didn’t enjoy anything after that. Mentally, it destroyed me.”

He was unable to do anything that required little or no clothing. Beaches, changing clothes in gyms. Enter Penuma, literally and metaphorically, and his life completely changed. The implant not only increased his girth, but also added an inch to his penis. Now, he was fearlessly putting himself in situations that he previously could have only dreamed of. 

“All problems have diminished. Dr. Elist has changed that for me. Like, I’m happy now,” he beamed. 

Dr. James Elist’s Team

Elist assembled a team of leading urologists and plastic surgeons to develop his product, putting a lot of attention into making sure that the implant looked natural and didn’t impact the natural functioning of the penis. It was also designed to be removable so that patients could get it removed if they wanted. 

Another one of Dr. Elist’s patients, a U.S. Marine who had served in Afghanistan and Iraq, said that he was greatly embarrassed by his penis. Even though it was an impressive 8 inches, it shrunk significantly when flaccid — and that bothered him. 

“Due to my career, there are way too many instances where guys are naked — changing or whatever — and I have always hidden it just out of embarrassment of how much it shrinks,” said the vet. Another reason he wanted the implant was because his wife had commented about how she couldn’t feel him during sex due to lack of girth. The comment devastated the Marine emotionally and left him searching for solutions. After the surgery, it all changed for the better.

This story reveals another class of Penuma beneficiaries: the partners of Elist’s patients. Not only does the Penuma improve the confidence and self-image of its recipients, but it also improves their partner’s satisfaction.

“Some partners may report an improvement in sexual satisfaction due to the increased size or improved shape of the patient’s penis following the procedure,” noted Elist.