Moving to Florida is Looking Bright

moving to Florida

Florida has emerged as the second most desirable housing market in the country, surpassing even New York, thanks to the migration of over 3.1 million residents between 2012 and 2022. Population increases of over 80% have been seen in cities like Jacksonville, Miami, and Tampa. Smaller towns like Groveland, Davenport, and Wildwood have come close to doubling their population size in the last decade.

Thousands of newcomers looking for houses in the state are driving Florida’s 3.8 billion residential housing market. Changes in work dynamics, which have led to a solid work-life balance—16% of Floridians currently work remotely—are among the causes leading to this spike. Florida is a job seeker’s paradise because it has the third-highest rate of employment growth in the nation.

One of the state’s main draws is its excellent quality of life, which can be found in the range of average daily temperatures that fall between 57 degrees in the winter to 83 degrees in the summer. For potential movers, Florida offers an enticing mix of financial incentives, a low cost of living in comparison to states like New York and California, no state income tax, and a higher standard of living compared to the national average. Learn more about moving to Florida in the infographic below:

Why Are So Many People Moving to Florida?