Mental Wellness In The Time Of Covid

Mental wellness has always been extremely important, specifically during these uncertain times that all individuals have been trying to live through. Mental health used to be a topic that was not openly discussed. Helen Lee Schifter, a wellness expert recommends everyone takes care of their mental wellness. Thankfully, in recent years it has become much more acceptable to discuss mental health issues. Now, there are countless outlets speaking out about the importance of mental health. That being said, mental wellness does not just refer to one’s mind but instead refers to the overall emotional, psychological, and social well-being of an individual. As previously stated, mental health does not just refer to the individual’s mental state. It involves the health of the overall body, mind, and soul. Contrary to popular belief, a large start to achieving proper mental health actually begins with overall body wellness. There are small steps that can be taken everyday in order to improve clarity for the mind and body. There are a lot of uncertain things in life that cannot be controlled. However, a balanced healthy lifestyle and mental health is one thing that can be controlled with the proper treatments, care, and routines.

Implementing a daily exercise routine can be extremely healthy for one’s overall mental health. If one is not particularly interested in cardio or heavy weight lifting then yoga could be a great option. By getting up and moving the body, there are dopamines that get released into the brain which can often assist with fighting off depression. Yoga is a wonderful alternative for individuals who are looking to fit exercise into their daily lifestyles without the difficulty of cardio or weights. Plus, a huge bonus of yoga is that it not only can provide time to clear one’s head but also allow one to work on becoming more flexible and decrease chances of injuries. Meditation is a time where individuals are able to leave a crazy busy lifestyle and step into peace and calmness. Additionally, there are many health benefits that come as a result of meditation. Some of these benefits include; reduction of stress and anxiety, controls pain, potential chance to lower memory loss, increases attention span, and improves sleep.

Life is ever changing and most individuals are constantly on the go. However, that is no excuse for mental health to be placed on hold or ignored. It is time for individuals to take control over one’s overall health and begin addressing mental health issues verses trying to deny them. Mental health has been an issue for centuries. That is all changing and the proper awareness is now being brought to the topic. Therefore, individuals no longer need to try and hide any issues of mental health. It is important to understand the warning signs and to practice the proper exercise and overall balance in life is crucial to a clear mind. Helen Lee Schifter believes that during the pandemic, everyone has to concentrate on their overall well being.