Kim Anami Says Natural Birth Can Help Your Sex Life

For women who’ve had babies, the idea that childbirth could be blissful might sound crazy. But holistic sex and relationship coach Kim Anami says nature designed the birthing process to be the most naturally spiritual experience of women’s lives. It can even be orgasmic. 

How is it possible to feel such positive emotions when giving birth? Anami explains that it’s only natural; the child-birthing process releases oxytocin, which is the same major hormone that orgasms release. Experiencing the two in close succession or simultaneously can have a range of positive benefits. It can show women the true power of their sexual energy. 

Positive benefits of natural birth

Although in the past, 99% of women gave birth at home, times have changed and having a natural birth is no longer the norm. Anami says the modern midwife has become more of a med-wife; the role has shifted from being a calming presence to accompany a woman while she gives birth to intervening in the process. 

While many couples gravitate toward hospital births where doctors can intervene at any moment, Kim Anami believes natural births that proceed without interference can be wildly more fulfilling for women. She says the fear that medicalized childbirth has instilled in women has made the prospect of an enjoyable natural birth seem unthinkable for many. “Women have been brainwashed into thinking that they need permission and instructions to give birth to their own children,” Anami notes. 

Her work helps women reclaim their power during childbirth by encouraging them to reconnect with their sexuality. By doing this, Anami says women can find a new level of pleasure in the natural process they are putting into motion with their bodies. 

Birth orgasms as both a medicine and a tool 

Having a natural birth also creates the possibility for an orgasmic or ecstatic birth, during which a woman can orgasm during delivery. This orgasm could occur as the result of sex or masturbation, or spontaneously at any point in the birthing process. Anami encourages women to get to know every aspect of their vagina to allow this to happen. Her course, Sexy Mama Salon, teaches women tools to help them have natural, sexy, empowering births. 

The potential benefits of orgasms during natural birth are many. Women can use orgasms as a birth tool: If the birthing process is stalled, an orgasm can help get the labor back on track. Birth orgasms can also help women heal and overcome previous wounds incurred from sexual assault and other traumatizing sexual experiences, and even from prevous traumatic briths. 

Anami says ecstatic births can also do wonders for couples, deepening the connection between partners in a way they might not have known was possible. When oxytocin is released during childbirth and orgasm, it enables women to bond more deeply with their partner and their baby. Having an orgasm while giving birth might just produce the greatest high of a woman’s life. 

She believes a woman’s sexual energy can most fully come into play when she is bringing new life into the world. But that can only happen if a woman is first allowed to be in touch with that energy herself. “My view is that sexual energy is creative energy, and this is the energy that creates new life,” Kim Anami explains.