Jordan Sudberg: How to Stay Fit for the Long Term

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Jordan Sudberg: How to Stay Fit for the Long Term

Maintaining a fitness plan can be difficult, especially as we age and our goals change.

To start with, before embarking on any new endeavor, one must first have explicit goals. Is it stamina, endurance, or strength? Body fitness or muscle tone? Whatever the goal, when it is clearly defined, the steps taken to reach that goal are much easier to follow.

Therefore, it is essential in the beginning to map out a “plan of attack,” so to speak.

Jordan Sudberg’s Experience in Pain Management and People’s Health

AAPMR Board Certified physician in psychiatry, pain management, and addiction medicine, Dr. Jordan Sudberg, is the CEO and medical director of Spine and Sports Rehabilitation in Islandia, NY.

As a former professional athlete turned healer, Jordan Sudberg has developed innovative tools for assessing and incorporating the body’s entire sensory apparatus into wellness care plans to help patients achieve their goals for a more active life.

His experience in pain management and people’s health has led him to research and develop tools that help teach people how to get rid of pain through a combination of mind-body medicine, the mind-body connection, and biofeedback in a very unique way.

His unique approach to physical therapy and pain management has gained him international recognition as the go-to doctor for elite athletes, top executives, and young professionals who need a speedy solution to their post-career injuries or chronic pain.

He is also a member of the International Association for the Study of Pain. He has authored articles on stress, addiction, and pain management that have appeared in periodicals such as The Journal of Mind-Body Health, Natural Health, Ultimate Athlete and Wellness, The Tennis Player Magazine, and Tennis Life Magazine. He is a frequent guest expert on health topics on television and radio, including VH1.

How People can Maintain their Fitness Goals for the Long Term

While pain management specialist Sudberg notes that sometimes people cannot maintain their fitness goals for the long term, he offers some tips on how to do it.

His first tip is to find a regimen that one doesn’t mind doing every day and no one’s limits. It’s all about finding the right balance between your life, work, and exercise routine. He also says that people should focus on getting out of activity to be more motivated.

He believes using tools like biofeedback helps people learn how to fight pain and improve their quality of life through a unique approach to physical therapy and pain management with his patients.

He also explains that he believes the mind-body connection is essential to healing and uses a few different tools to achieve this. Sudberg says that the body communicates to the brain through pain, stress, anxiety, and depression. Biofeedback is a way to help understand how to control these issues and overcome them.

Another way to maintain fitness goals for the long term is to change the mindset. He says that people’s mindsets can influence their bodies to get fit.

Also, he explains the importance of nutrition and balance. He says to have the right healthy foods suitable for the body or use supplements.

Jordan Sudberg says that people should always take their vitamins and even medications simultaneously to avoid getting mixed up. He also explains that one’s attitude can alter how one’s body functions and feels.

He also explains that he doesn’t recommend becoming a professional athlete to become healthy. He says it’s more important to maintain your body during the process of healing. He explains that professional athletes experience higher levels of stress and fatigue, so he advises them to better understand the human body and how to treat injuries.

His team has also developed unique tools like Body Balance that help people stay fit for the long term. You need to wear them and feel how your body responds. He also says that, in a way, it is a step-by-step guide for pain management and injury rehabilitation.

Finally, he believes it is vital to find a method of exercise that fits into one’s life. He also says that people should find an activity they like doing, like walking, cycling, or swimming, and stick to it.