Investing in Africa

investing in Africa

Health and wealth go hand in hand. It’s important to have a healthy diversification of one’s assets and not put all of your eggs in one basket. So what would be the latest and greatest area of diversification of investment you might not have considered? It’s time to look at investing in Africa.

Many Americans think that most of their investments should be in conservative money markets or blue chip stocks, others that might have a higher risk tolerance would consider investing in startups. The issue is that the world is changing into a more level playing field of opportunity, and many things are happening abroad. Startups don’t need to solely make it in places like San Francisco, New York, and Austin, Texas. 

It might surprise you that the 5 fastest growing economies in the world are all in Africa – and that they are growing double the rate of expansion as the average world market. Big tech such as Facebook and Microsoft are also growing significantly in the African continent. Unicorns – startups with over a $1 billion valuation – have also been coming from Africa.

It’s not too late – but joining a community can help you best invest in Africa. More in the visual deep dive below.

Investing In Africa Infographic