Immunity Boosting Herbs to Beat COVID-19

Immunity Boosting Herbs to Beat COVID-19

A pandemic that began in 2020 paves the way for 2021 as well. The first wave of corona left many people devastated, and the second ongoing wave is appalling and dreadful than expected. Many people lost their loved ones in this pandemic because corona was able to attack them. Some suffered because of no available resources, but some suffered because of low immunity to fight this life-threatening disease.

From ancient times, India has firmly believed in the power of Ayurveda. Plant extracts can give you more strength and boost your immunity as required. Ayurveda says infection cannot affect the body if all the seven layers of our body’s tissue that are Rasa, Mamsa, Rakta, Medha, Majja, Asthi, and Shukra, are strong. So, you need those herbs that can be readily available to boost immunity, and no, you need not go out to find them in this infectious time. You can get them through an online plant nursery in Noida at your doorstep.

If you know little about Ayurveda, you must be aware of Ojas – an invisible essence of body tissues that keeps the body healthy. So, to build Ojas to improve the immunity of the body, you need to know which herbs and plants can help you. Most importantly, they need to be readily available. So, let’s go through those herbs and plants that will help you fight COVID-19 by boosting your immunity. Scroll through…


Neem is an age-old herb that helps to keep people fit and fine. Not only does it help to remove pimples from the face, it always helps to wash away toxins by cleaning the blood inside. So, consuming neem is very healthy because it can help you boost energy, and its anti-viral, antifungal, and antibacterial properties would save you.


Almost every household has a Tulsi plant that adds freshness and aroma to the ambiance. Well, it has phytochemicals and antioxidants that locates the germs, bacteria, or viruses entering your body and destroys them in a jiffy. You can chew tulsi leaves early in the morning, add boiled tulsi water to your meal and protect yourself from harmful diseases. Tulsi and Basil are powerful germicides that you need anyways.


Consuming moringa can improve potassium, calcium, iron, and amino acid in your body. It gives seven times more Vitamin C than an orange, and in such challenging times, to build immunity strong, we need Vitamin C. Also, moringa has other vital nutrients that help heal our body by strengthening our body’s cells, muscles, and tissues. So, consume it regularly.


Ginger is another immunity booster that is present in every household. Either with a meal or in tea, we consume it almost every day. Whenever we have a headache, ginger tea is the first thing we look forward to. It is not just because of belief from old times but because of the antioxidant gingerol present in it that helps fight the flu and common cold. It kills viruses and boosts the immune system. Ginger is another age-old ayurvedic formula used by everyone.

Black Cumin

Black cumin is also within your reach. Black cumin seeds or oil both have antioxidants that help to flush away the free radicals that attack your immune system making it weak. So, using black cumin extract can help you strengthen your immune system and keep you away from the attack of viruses and bacteria. Try consuming it daily in any form.


Garlic contains a plant compound, allicin, that acts as a germicide and helps boost immunity, just like ginger. Consume garlic raw or partially cooked every day, and it will help you be safe from coronavirus by strengthening your immunity system.


Ashwagandha is said to decrease stress levels, and it is readily available too. When you are under stress, your body is very vulnerable to attract any virus towards it. Now, if you want to contract the virus, you need to consume ashwagandha daily. And keep stress away from you because stress is nowhere going to help you. In studies, it is found that many people are losing life because of stress during the pandemic. Remember, to live a healthy life; you need to bid adieu to stress.


Whenever you get ill, the first thing that your mom brings for you is a glass of warm turmeric milk. Even your wounds are tended by your grandma or mom with a paste made of turmeric powder. They have always been right because turmeric contains a phytochemical that helps your immune system fight toxins and germs. It heals quicker and strengthens your immune system. So, add more turmeric to your meals or consume evergreen turmeric milk every day.

Final Thoughts

In these corona times, to stay safe and healthy, you need to boost immunity as well as you need to follow all the necessary protocols and guidelines instructed by the government. So, as a responsible citizen, do your bit by not being the spreader and keep yourself healthy and fit by consuming these herbs timely and in whichever way you want. In old times, Ayurveda helped many people fight many deadly diseases, and now also, with the help of Ayurveda, we would fight the COVID-19 appropriately. We hope this piece of writing helps you to boost your immunity with herbs and plants.