How to Stay Fit in 2020

glass being filled from a tap with filtered water

Many consider getting fit as a task only to be completed outdoors or in a gym setting. However, there are many other ways to remain fit indoors. People like Helen Lee Schifter sometimes do exercises in the comfort of their home due to how overwhelming gyms maybe sometimes. In addition, exercising at home is a lot less stressful and causes less anxiety. 

When a person exercises from their home, they can do many things. If one has a lot of space, they can use their driveway as a way to do sprints up or circuits. In addition, having a nice lawn can help when a person is doing squats or anything that requires a comfortable landing. Jump Roping up and down the driveway is a great activity. This can also be done inside or in a basement. Transforming a part of the home into a gym is always a great idea, according to Helen Lee Schifter. It’s important that the proper equipment is used so no injuries occur.