How to Keep Healthy Hair

Having healthy hair is important to many men and women. Having bald spots or extremely frail hair isn’t ideal for anyone. Helen Lee Schifter has kept her luxurious, long hair healthy because of her experience in wellness. There are millions of products out there to fit anyone’s budget and lifestyle. However, what many people seem to forget about are vitamins and supplements that can help grow the hair stronger. 

Any vitamin with A, biotin, C, D, and E can help with damaged hair. Biotin is best known for developing new hair cells. In addition, it helps develop healthy blood sugar levels, a beautiful pregnancy, and many other benefits. Hair is made of bonds that can be weakened by consistent dying, heat styling, and perming. Thus, biotin can help resolve those issues a little at a time. The one thing that is almost a stereotype about taking supplements and vitamins is how long it takes for the hair to look/ feel healthier. It can take weeks and months before any results are obvious. Our bodies filter through so many minerals a day. Whether that’s food, drinks, or toxins, it’s constantly fighting back. So, sometimes vitamins and supplements aren’t fully used. Helen Lee Schifter recommends that taking extra antioxidants will only help in the long run. Patience is key in most situations, especially when growing out healthy hair. Try to refrain from any harsh chemicals in shampoos, conditioners, or other products. Drink plenty of water and do deep a conditioning treatment twice a month. The results will be worth it!