How to Find The Right Mobility Chair to Power Your Life

A mobility power chair is a necessary tool to increase your mobility and independence. Choosing the right chair for you can help to enhance your experience of life. 

Important Subjects to Consider

Whether this is your first time purchasing a power wheelchair or you’re an experienced user, you’ll need to look at the different features of each chair to find the one that best suits you. Here are some subjects to consider while exploring various options of today’s mobility independence technology. 

  • Cost 
  • Personal comfort
  • Safety
  • Battery 
  • Travel and portability

Can I Afford It?

There are a variety of power chairs on the market. One of the biggest factors to keep an eye on is the price. A chair with all the bells and whistles you could want doesn’t matter if you can’t afford it. 

It would also be wise to check if the chair has a warranty if there’s an issue or you end up not enjoying it. Some manufacturers offer limited warranties and warranties from one to two years. 

Is it Comfortable? 

This new chair will be where you sit all day or for an extended period at a time. You need to find one that has a comfortable seat with the right amount of back support. 

Pay attention to the size and style of the chair back, armrests, and footplates. You’ll want to have the correct size for your body and make sure that you rest comfortably while driving. 

Some models have extra features that increase your mobility to another level. You can find chairs with height extenders that elevate you to eye level for walking conversations, as well as some with swivel technology so you can turn your body while seated. 

Also, most buyers look for a chair that has an option for personal storage. These can vary between under-seat bins, back seat pockets, and cup holders. 

Will I feel Safe?

It can feel vulnerable to rely on a chair for movement, so certain features like lap belts and brake options can ease any tension that you may have. 

Most power chairs have a top speed of six mph and a low speed of three mph, but there are variations, and it will depend on the model and the motor. 

Be sure to choose a chair with durable wheels and suspension that can withstand bumpy terrain if you drive outdoors. 

How Long Does the Battery Last?

You want to find a battery option that will last for long enough for your travelling needs. Most power chair batteries will have a life for a set number of miles or offer multiple batteries so you can carry a backup for long trips. 

Does the Chair Travel Well?

You will depend on this chair to transport you, but will you be able to transport the chair? There will be different portability options for disassembly to foldable power chairs. Make sure it can fit into your car or portable storage space for easy transport. 

Make Sure it’s Right for You 

The right motorized wheelchair will change your life, but you need to make sure it fits your specific daily needs. Choosing a chair without giving thought to each feature can cause buyer’s remorse and cost you money. 

Be sure to ask all the questions you need and compare all of your options so you can find the right chair and enjoy a better life!