How to Create the Ideal Terrace in your Back Yard

Whatever the style of your home, it is important to create a rest & relaxation area where you and your family can really enjoy your leisure time. Ideally, your terrace should be in proportion with the garden – some say around 25% of the available space is perfect for a deck – and it needs to be shaded, with some comfortable seating.

Timber or Stone?

For the floor of your terrace, you can choose between hardwood decking and stone pavers, and with some classic outdoor cladding tiles, you can create a rustic wall that matches the surrounding area. The range of stone pavers is such that you have literally hundreds of finishes in all shades, so there will be a design that is just right.


A couple of quaint umbrellas might do the job, but if you would like a permanent solution to shading, a retractable roof system is a wise long-term investment that will add considerable value to the property. You can have a remote-controlled roof that will always give you just the desired amount of shade, and with rain and wind sensors, you can adjust the roof without having to move. The other option is an awning, which can be made to measure and there are many rich colours and patterns. If you are a workaholic, here are a few tips to stay healthy while working long hours, which is very important.

Outdoor Furniture

You do want outdoor furniture that stands the test of time, and with rattan or wicker-resin, you have hardwearing furniture that looks great. Washable cushions that can be removed ensures that your suite is clean and inviting, which is important when you are entertaining. For a smaller space, why not consider a couple of hanging egg chairs? They are very comfortable and as they are suspended from the ceiling, they do not take up much floor space.

Terrace Lighting

LED solutions really do allow you to be creative with exterior lighting, and with LED strips, you can adorn lighting from trees and other features, for a dreamy effect. There are some great examples of how LED lighting can be used outdoors, which you can find using Google images, and this might help you make the right lighting choices. Click here for some Australian government information about LED lighting, which all homeowners should read.

Essential Greenery

Every outdoor space should have some natural flora and fauna, and there are many ways to achieve this, with planters of all shapes and sizes that can be found with the online supplier. Hanging baskets are ideal, as they can be suspended for the roof or trellis, or you could affix a trellis to one of the house walls and hang plants from this. Clay pots are also attractive, just make sure that you source sizes that are in proportion to the leisure area.

If you are unsure about creating the perfect terraced area, why not consult a local landscape gardener? He would be able to offer design suggestions and can quote for the project once you have a firm layout in mind. Use the Internet for design inspiration and you should be able to source everything you need from online suppliers.