How To Be a Kinder Person

Kindness should be a natural action. But it’s not always so. People don’t typically wander around with kindness thoughts in their heads. Kindness is an interpersonal skill that involves acts of being considerate, friendly, caring, and generous. It’s one of many ways that you respond to others. You can become a kinder person by being aware of other people’s situations and adjusting your actions accordingly.

Be Aware of Others

Being aware of other people’s situations can alert you to those who might be suffering or who need help. Research has shown that humans are instinctively caring and sympathetic to the needs of others. Relationships and communities are strengthened when people care for and help each other.

Practice Acts of Kindness

Acts of kindness are those little things you do to make someone feel better. They take many shapes. Helping an elderly neighbor with shopping or yard work, opening a door for someone, thanking a coworker, volunteering in the community, complimenting a friend, sharing your lunch, feeding stray animals, celebrating a friend’s success, and donating to charity are a few examples of acts of kindness. The simplest acts of kindness are a kind word and a smile.

Be Kind to Yourself

You should treat yourself to the same kindness you show others. This starts with having a positive attitude and being thankful and happy with yourself. When you’re kind to others, you feel better about yourself. Often, people respond to kindness with kindness. Kindness adds value to life and reinforces your purpose in life.

Give More Than You Take

Being kind is also about being generous and selfless. Giving without expectations of receiving something in return and putting other people’s needs before your own are two important signs of being a kind, caring person. A bonus of being generous is other people notice and are likely to respond in a positive way.

Educate and Motivate Yourself

There is a wealth of self-help and motivational materials available that discuss kindness. A search on the internet will give you articles, books, quotes, and scientific studies that can help you understand what kindness is and help you become a kinder person.

The benefits of being a kind person are many. Being kind can improve your health, keep your stress level down, strengthen your relationships with others, and make you a happier person. Practicing daily acts of kindness is not difficult and worth every effort it takes.