Healthy Skin Habits

The skin is a very critical part of the body. It is the largest organ and needs high amounts of attention. In the colder months, it’s important to moisturize the skin so that it doesn’t become ashy or crack. In addition, during winter, wearing sunscreen is still highly recommended. Helen Schifter wears sunscreen year-round. By doing so, wrinkles, redness, and dry patches can be averted. 

Many think that sunscreen is only for beachy days. In fact, if a person is working outside at any time, sunscreen should be worn. Also, just going outside for a few minutes a day, with sunscreen, can help the electricity of the skin. Taking vitamins and drinking teas with antioxidants is another way to help the skin.Biotin and keratin are great supplements to take year-round. It helps the skin stay soft and reduces breakouts. When someone is acne-prone. It’s important to see a dermatologist because tests are necessary to understand why the skin is breaking out. Helen Schifter records going to a dermatologist to make sure any supplements one is taking are cohesive to the person’s skin. Many times, breakouts are caused by allergies.