Health Benefits of Eating Carbs

Health Benefits of Eating Carbs

Many people may think that eating carbs of foods that are high in carbs are bad for the body. They may have heard that eating a lot of carbs will lead to weight gain. Alexander Djerassi does not agree with this. The body needs carbs as part of a healthy diet. According to Djerassi there are some reasons why a person should eat carbs and the health benefits associated with eating carbs.

Fuel the Brain

The brain needs glucose to function properly and make sure it is in top shape. Foods that are high in carbs will help replenish the levels of glucose needed by the brain. If these levels get too low the brain will have trouble with focus and memory. To keep the brain sharp, it is important to eat carbs.

Reduce Bloating

Poor digestion is one reason why people suffer from gas and bloating. Good carbs such as whole grains and fruits contain dietary fiber which will help with this problem. Fiber is needed to have consistent bowel movements. If the body is able to remove waste properly then there will be a reduction in bloating.


Carbs will make people happy. There are more than just the forbidden foods that can do this. Carbs are high in L tryptophan which is an amino acid. This amino acid will help release serotonin. Serotonin is needed for the feeling of happiness or pleasure. When the serotonin levels are low in the body this can lead to a feeling of depression. Fruits and beans as well as whole grains will increase serotonin levels allowing a person to be happier.

Reduce Cardiac Diseases

Alexander Djerassi knows that carbs can help with heart health. Carbs that have soluble fiber such as oatmeal and beans will help lower the LDL or the bad cholesterol levels. The soluble fibers will attach to cholesterol and will help flush them out of the body. This will allow the heart to become stronger and for a longer time. Good carbs can do this. Sugary foods will not help the heart and they will do more harm than good.

Improve Sleep

Carbs will help increase insulin levels which will help the body product tryptophan which will allow a person to have the feeling of being tired. This will help a person fall asleep faster and will help improve the quality of their sleep.

Prevent Weight Gain

There have been diets and other plans that said that carbs led to an increase in weight. It turns out eating the right carbs can help a person lose weight. A diet high in fiber can lead to weight loss. Carbs contain fiber and they are digested slowly. This will allow the body to have a feeling of fullness for a longer time. This will allow a person to eat less and have the full feeling meaning they are eating fewer calories.

These are some of the reasons why a person should eat carbs. Carbs are needed by the body and this information shows that they will do the body good.