Health and Fitness Matters

Ken Kurson has been a longtime entrepreneur and substantial figure in a myriad of different industries. Those have spanned the journalism industry; the media industry; and of course, entrepreneurship more generally. Kurson has wore many hats in his life – as a journalist, political consultant and now a publisher. But one thing he has always been passionate about is ensuring one is leading a healthy lifestyle with a surgical focus on enhancing one’s health and wellness. 

Ensuring a healthy lifestyle is something that unfortunately isn’t a priority for many in corporate America; and to say the least, that is highly problematic. As we look at the obesity rates, especially among our nation’s youth, it’s troubling to continuing to see a decline in the overall health and fitness of the average American. 

There needs to be a movement spurred by leading prominent figures who have followings among our nation’s youth, that seeks to educate and inform them of the importance of keeping a healthy regimen and ensuring a healthy lifestyle. While career pursuits and development are certainly incredibly important; there needs to also be a real and true focus on promoting health and wellness no matter the sector and no matter the role the person might play in it .

Ken Kurson has been deliberate in seeking to change the paradigm of corporate America in this regard. There is an unhealthy fixation on monetary compensation as opposed to ensuring that health is nonetheless a priority. Dietary habits are not preserved in the ways they should be; and this has an unfortunate outcome of a warped sense of prioritization among so many individuals in corporate America. No matter how junior or senior the person’s role might be at their respective company or establishment institution, they need to strike a correct and properly delicate balance between the two objectives. On one hand, success in monetary and financial terms is of course of critical importance to the survival of their business. But on the other hand they also have to emphasize the need for an orientation around health and wellness.

A person’s physical health needs to be in their prism of thought when it  comes to what properly matters. It  cannot be neglected in the interest of alternative motivations that the person might have. Yes – of course making a living is important; and needs to be focused on and invested in. But something that also needs to be considered is the need for ensuring one’s physical health is properly monitored and enhanced in his or her activities. Losing sight of this can truly be detrimental to one’s physical health – and even one’s emotional and mental health. 

What doesn’t get enough attention in healthcare periodicals for instance, is the parallels and the effects that mental and emotional health have on one’s physical health. They are all interconnected and interrelated. This fact is that one’s stresses and anxieties associated with their regular workplace activities can and will have an effect on their physical health. And this is an important fact for people in the commercial industrial trade to never lose sight of. Ensuring that you are not overworked is important for this very reason. Again, it  is about ensuring a healthy balance between achieving one’s career objectives but also not neglecting one’s health (emotional or physical) in the process. 

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In the pursuit of career success, Ken Kurson has created Book and Film Globe that has engendered the interest of an enormously loyal audience and dedicated readership. But what Kurson has always been sure to keep to in all of his career pursuits is ensuring that professional success is not achieved at the expense of health and wellness. This message needs to be heard by all Americans; especially our nation’s youth. 

For that reason, it  needs to permeate the confidences of the classroom so that our nation’s students hear it , loud and clear. It’s a message that needs to be internalized by the next generation of Americans from a young age. There is no substitute for health; and there’s no way to retroactively restart one’s life. We are all on this earth for a limited period of time; and we are all mortal, in the end of the day. With this in mind, the message should be couched in an uplifting way so that our nation’s young people recognize the importance and significance of maintaining a healthy diet; fitness regimen and ensuring that in their priority list, their physical, mental and emotional health are never outranked in terms of importance, by any other considerations. That includes career and financial pursuits.