Four Facts From A Hair Transplant Surgeon

Four Facts From A Hair Transplant Surgeon

Are you considering getting a hair transplant procedure?

If you have answered yes, join the club of hundreds of other people who are considering the same! 

Having a hair transplant surgery is something that is really monumental for people  around the world. It is a common procedure that you should have confidence in and get excited about!  

There are a range of top hair transplant surgeons who have perfected this procedure to ensure you get the hair you want and deserve. 

Straight from their own first hand knowledge and experience, here are four facts from a hair transplant surgeon.

Whether it is when you should consider getting the surgery, how long results take and any side-effects you should be aware of, these four facts are something that everyone should know before deciding to get a hair transplant procedure done for themselves. 

  1. Surgery should never be the first solution

Yes, hair transplant surgery can create hair miracles, but any surgery always comes with a risk. It really depends on what your current hair growth issues are before surgery should be considered. It is important to get all the facts and address any of your concerns ahead of time. And you want to feel confident in the doctor that is performing your surgery. During the consultation period, you will understand different procedure options, prices, the types of results you can expect, how long the results will last and any discomfort you should be prepared for. But it is equally important to discuss other avenues with your doctor as well. 

  1. Hair transplants are not a one-time solution 

Chances are, if you have hair growth problems, you will need more than one hair transplant procedure. The average patient has two to four procedures in their lifetime—this is since the issue at hand is a progressive one and does not just simply go away. Hair is always needing to be refined and tweaked, and thus, multiple hair transplant procedures may be needed. 

  1. Discomfort is a common side effect

Again, this question is important as the answer to whether you will need medication is determined by your hair loss levels and medical history. In general, though, the more aggressive your hair loss is, the more sensations you will feel after the procedure, so some form of medication will likely be recommended. And the same goes for how painful the procedure will be. The pain levels vary person to person, and it is very important to address any of your concerns you may have upfront with your doctor. 

  1. The real magic happens long after the procedure

Basically, it is not the actual grafted hair that does the trick. The real magic happens a few weeks later. So do not stress when your hair falls out as this is totally normal! What this allows or is new hair in the area to grow naturally and it will be replaced by new hair growth. You can expect to wait up to six months before seeing the real results with your new lovely locks of hair! It is worth the wait. 

Take it from the professionals. Hair transplant procedures do work and can produce extraordinary results. But it is also important to be realistic about results and understand that results will be different for each person. 

Now that you have all the facts of what to expect from a hair transplant surgeon, you are certainly well prepared to make a decision about the fate of your own hair. There is no need to be ashamed of your hair and no need to wait any longer to do something about it. Go and have a chat with a hair transplant professional today!