Fitness Walking

Many men like Andrew Napolitano understand the importance of fitness. Although it is difficult to perform high intensity activities as one ages, there are a multitude of other opinions for individuals to participate in. Fitness walking is a very underrated sport. It requires dedication and hard work to be successful. The first step to excellerating regular walking is by stretching. One must always relax the muscles before doing a nervous activity. That way, there is less of a chance that an injury will occur. Next, one must ease into a faster pace. By starting off strong one will eventually lose momentum because of fatigues or cramps. Walking at a normal pace for at least five minutes is required. One the warm up is complete, start walking faster. Push the body to accelerate especially up hills and stairs. After about forty-five minutes the body will start losing fat. Many underestimate fitness walking. In some cases, fitness walking burns more calories than jogging does. It is all about maintaining a strong pace and positive mental attitude. It will take a few weeks to develop a perfected routine. Professional fitness walkers pace themselves with a fitness watch to track their progress. Never give up and keep pushing to see results.