Fitness Guru, Ken Inoue, Offers 5 Key Ways to Stay Motivated When Starting an Exercise Routine

Starting a new exercise routine can be difficult. It’s hard to stick with it, and the vast majority of people end up throwing in the towel after just a couple of weeks. To overcome this hurdle, fitness expert and motivator from Torrance, Ken Inoue offers some key insights for you to increase the likelihood of sticking with your new routine through the long haul.

1. Do Your Research

Before you go about picking up a new workout routine, it’s important to do thorough research. You’ll want to make sure you’re hitting all necessary muscle groups, getting enough cardiovascular training, and making the most of your workout time.

A quick google search isn’t going to be enough. While it’s fantastic that there are so many workout routines available online, combing through all of them can be a real task. Set some time aside to find the right workout routine that works for you, even if it takes a couple of hours to find.

2. Set Realistic Goals

If you haven’t worked out in five years, working out for hours per day every day of the week isn’t going to be realistic. Start slowly by setting attainable benchmarks as your body acclimates to your new routine.

Health professionals recommend twenty to thirty minutes per day. If you can’t meet that standard right away, don’t beat yourself up. As you become more accustomed to the routine, you’ll be more inclined to ramp up the amount of time you spend working out.

Pro Tip From Ken Inoue: Invest in a digital planner or mobile exercise app to document your improvement over time. Seeing how far you’ve come in your fitness journey is a terrific motivator!

3. Pushing Through

A dedicated workout routine requires mental toughness. There are going to be days where you really don’t feel like working out. So how do you overcome it?

Try writing yourself a note to look at for when you don’t feel like working out. List the benefits and remind yourself why you have dedicated yourself to this new routine. And remember: after you complete your workout, you’re going to feel great about yourself.

4. Workout With a Buddy

Working out with a partner, friend, or family member is a great way to hold one another accountable. Finding a motivated workout partner can cultivate an extremely positive workout experience, keeping you both on track.

Have fun with it! There are many ways to create a dynamic, partnered workout that will keep you engaged.

5. Praise Yourself

Your fitness journey is valuable and unique. No matter where you’re at in your process, it’s important to acknowledge your successes. That doesn’t mean cheat days—it means taking time to meditate and appreciate yourself as you make progress.

It also means not shaming yourself if progress isn’t coming as fast as you’d like. Stay the course—you will reach your fitness goals with dedication!

Beginning a new exercise routine can be tough. By engaging in thorough research, setting realistic goals, finding ways to stay motivated, and praising your successes, you can achieve the physique you have always wanted. Good luck with your new routine, and remember that no matter where you are now, it’s about where you are headed.

About Ken Inoue

Ken Inoue is a certified personal trainer from Torrance, California. Mr. Inoue helps his Los Angeles based clients improve their overall well-being by giving them the necessary tools to embrace an active and nutritious lifestyle. His training approach is unique to each individual, though he does place great emphasis on mastering the fundamentals of fitness training. He believes in a holistic strategy, incorporating strength training, cardiovascular, flexibility, and a well-balanced diet.