Fighting COVID-19 by Knowing Your Risk

After one of the most difficult years of our collective lives, it’s a huge relief to see restrictions lifting and life inching its way back to normalcy, but there is a concern that many of us are getting too comfortable, and that it could backfire on us. 

It’s fantastic news that over half of Americans are now vaccinated and that the vaccine is available to everyone, however these COVID vaccines aren’t a complete solution. Although numbers of vaccinated individuals are on the rise, and vaccination hesitancy is quickly declining, it will still take months for herd immunity to occur. Unfortunately, by then, there’s a high chance that viral mutations will have rendered these first generation vaccines ineffective. 

The point is that, although there is some relief and relaxation due to these amazing vaccines, we still need to move forward with caution. It’s important to maintain precautions and to understand your personal risk for both contracting and spreading the virus. 

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Fighting COVID-19: Know Your Risk