Father George Rutler Offers Gardening Tips

The prestigious NYC pastor, Father George Rutler showed us by example that there will always be spare-time when one can do away with the normal daily activities to tend to other things. One of the activities that could be beneficial and positive could be tending to the garden. A few minutes tending your garden could be beneficial not only to the transformation of the environment but also serve some purpose in your meal.

To make a few minutes count in your garden, there are some essential tips to follow as shown below:

The size of your garden should be based on your available spare time. If gardening is one of your major activities during your spare time, then the garden doesn’t have to be too small. If it’s too small, this could lead to over-tending it. Conversely, a garden that’s too big may go beyond your time and/or capacity to maintain it.

Planting the garden in the appropriate location – depending on what you plan to grow in your garden, the success of any endeavor, to a large extent, in the direction of the sun in regards to your plants’ required exposure. If problems occur such as too much light, or too much shade, etc this can negatively affect tending to the garden within spare time.

Opting for quick and beautiful plants – when it comes to effectively tending to gardens within the spare time, the types of plants selected make a difference. Leaf plants and plants with shorter life spans are easier compared to plants that bear fruits. Always consider the types of plants that the garden will produce when beginning a spare-time garden.

Choose plants properly based on the zone – Some plants are simply more successful in some areas than other areas. For example, choose a plant that does well with the Arizona heat in the summer, or seek out plants suitable to the cooler northern region.

Harvesting your crops when they are ready – If the plants have matured, it’s best to remove them. For one, this will maintain freshness. And it also allows for fewer plants to tend to once that plants that are ready to be harvested are removed.

Watering correctly or appropriately – to tend a garden effectively within a limited time frame, the watering must be done correctly and appropriately to yield the required result. General research suggests that watering the leaves of some plants instead of watering the bed could result in disease and/or death of the plant. I’m sure you don’t wanna invite diseases to your garden, or see all of your hard work go to waste.

Learning from past mistakes and improving on success – Part of what makes gardening interesting is because it leaves room to always improve on last month’s or last year’s results. Any past success or failure with a previous planting opens an avenue to analyze the factors that contributed to success and failure. Eliminate the failures and build upon the successes.

When a garden is well-tended, and the gardener takes into account the above factors: adopting the right size, and the right garden location, along with plants that will thrive in the selected region, growing a flourishing garden in just your little spare time can now be effective.

With a little bit of extra homework, determine which plants grow best in the climate, and determine when and how to best harvest those plants as they grow into maturity. These steps will speak volumes in the success of the overall effectiveness of time invested in the garden.

And as already stated, simple acts like watering correctly and learning from past mistakes and successes is also key to time management and effectiveness in that garden.
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