Explaining Full Spectrum Hemp Oil and Why You Should Try It

Hemp is one of the cannabis species known for producing medical-grade products. Opposite marijuana plants, hemp plants produce more amount of CBD and less amount of THC. It means hemp is totally useless from the perspective of manufacturing intoxicating cannabis products. Before a few decades, hemp was considered a useless weed because of its low THC content. As the scientists started studying other cannabinoids present in hemp, they discovered several interesting features that have completely changed their perceptions. Hemp plants contain an abundant amount of cannabinoids specifically meant for medicinal use.

According to the latest stats of GlobeNewswire, CBD is rapidly occupying big market share in health supplement products. By 2027, its market size will reach 123+ billion US dollars. Despite facing legalization issues, the CBD market is still thriving. When other countries will uplift ban from the medicinal use of hemp products, we can see a significant upsurge in the demand and supply. When we talk about the medicinal aspect of CBD, full spectrum hemp oil must be the primary preference. We have some solid reasons to influence you why full-spectrum oil is the best option. 

Major reasons to prefer full-spectrum hemp oil

  • All beneficial compounds composition

The full-spectrum CBD products contain all compounds present in a hemp plant. It means you will get the benefit of every cannabinoid including tetrahydrocannabinol. This compound is usually considered in the category of psychoactive substances but a low amount is not enough to get you high on euphoria. As per the guidelines of the FDA, full-spectrum CBD products have a limit of containing THC below 0.3%. For the best medicinal results, every single cannabinoid is important. Apart from that, full spectrum hemp oil also contains 120+ terpenes (aromas) and 20 different Flavonoids. Along with adding distinctive fragrance and flavors, these elements also comprise various therapeutic properties. 

  • Work efficiently on both physical and mental health

The full-spectrum hemp oil comprises all the compounds that we need for promoting physical and mental health. It is not possible in broad spectrum oil and CBD isolates. In order to work efficiently on our neurological system and immune system, the CBD oil should contain all cannabinoids. Where CBD stimulates CB1 receptors of the endocannabinoid system, THC is essential for stimulating CB2 receptors. The CB1 receptor is present in our neurological system and CB2 in our immune system. When we consume cannabinoids in the form of oil, tincture, smoke or vapor, they instantly trigger our endocannabinoid system and help in neutralizing the imbalance. Consequently, a significant improvement can be noticed in our sleep cycle, depression, anxiety, appetite and immunity. 

  • Non-psychoactive

The hemp oil comes in full-spectrum only because of its THC content. However, the negligible amount is not enough to intoxicate someone. You can consume full-spectrum CBD products as a part of a daily health supplement. 

Legal recognition issue

In many countries, full-spectrum Elixinol hemp oil is still not legal because of its THC content. 0.3 % amount is not psychoactive but still, it will take time to win the confidence of government authorities. If you compare the psychoactive properties of tobacco products with full-spectrum CBD, it stands nowhere. Also, THC is the least addictive substance so you don’t have to worry about becoming habitual.