End of Summer Cookout – Hamburger Can be delicious and nutritious

Calorie Counts is a new section focused on providing information about the foods we eat, to act as a guide for healthier diet choices.

Butter Toasted Bun

Loose the bread:

A butter toasted bun is 220 calories and packed with carbs.

Healthier choice:

Sandwich your burger between two pieces of iceberg lettuce. It adds a great crunch and is virtually calorie free.

Extra Meat

Don’t Pile on the Meat:

Sliced bacon or a double patty just doubles down on your fat and calorie count.

Healthier choice:

Add a thick slice of tomato, sprinkled with salt and pepper. It will add flavor and heft to your burger, without the extra fat and calories of meat.

Beef Hamburger Patty

Keep it Lean:

There are different types of ground beef, and ground chuck is the most fatty. Stay away from it.

Healthier Choice:

Look for 95% lean ground sirloin for your patties to drop the fat count, while maintaining protein.

Onion Rings

Forget the onion rings:

Putting fried onion rings on your hamburger increases the calorie count by about 140 calories (4 rings).

Healthier choice:

Go with sliced raw onion instead. There is only 6 calories per slice.