Digital Solutions for a Health & Well-Being Business

Twenty years into the 21st century and we have become very aware of health & fitness, and this global trend for physical and mental well-being looks to be here to stay, which is reflected by the booming health & well-being sector. Online shopping really empowers the consumer – a few clicks and they can source just about anything – and many health-conscious people purchase health foods and products from the online health store.  If you are in the industry and market your products online, here are a few ways that digital marketing can boost your sales.

  • Search Engine Optimisation – SEO work will boost your Google ranking and when the online consumer searches for a product you sell, your platform will be high on the list of search results. The secret of good SEO lies in an in-depth knowledge of Google and the algorithms it uses to provide search results, and the SEO specialist has a few strategies to improve a website’s prominence within a search. The leading Australian company, Move Ahead Media is one example of a major player, and they have a very impressive client list, due to their ability to deliver results.
  • Social Media Marketing – Social media is a very powerful platform to reach your target audience, and creating accounts with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is an absolute must. Social media allows you to interact with users, and you can livestream on Facebook, demonstrating new products, while regularly posting interesting health blogs and articles. By engaging the user and providing useful information, you are creating a relationship with the user and this usually leads to a purchase. Unless you happen to have a lot of free time, outsource your SMM to a leading SEO company, who will assign a technician to control all your social media platforms, and they will post the right content and come up with promotions to engage with users. Here is a very informative article on how smart technology is changing the health industry.
  • Create a Blog Page – If you enlist the help of an SEO company, they will have many blogs written by content writers, covering every aspect of health & well-being, and this will really engage the site visitor. Once a site visitor reads a few informative blogs, they will return and there’s a high chance they will become a customer. The SEO company can also post blogs all over the Internet, blogs that contain carefully placed links that take the reader to your platform, which is a very effective way to drive traffic.
  • Effective Use of Media – Creating short video clips is a great way to engage the user, it might be to introduce your team, or simply a demo of a new product, this type of media is also recognised by Google, which is important. You could create a YouTube account and post videos that are related to your industry, which will get you a large following if managed properly. Click here for information about UK advertising standards, which is worth a read.

As you can see, there are a few ways that you can drive traffic to your online store, and if you would like to set the ball rolling, contact a leading SEO agency and they can assess your current online presence and come up with an effective digital marketing plan that will deliver results.