Country Club Directors: How To Ensure The Best Experience For All Members

Running a country club can be immensely challenging as there are so many aspects to keep an eye on. People expect the best at a country club although these do vary immensely. The premium country clubs are like another world for someone that has never been to one before. You want to ensure that you keep nearly perfect member retention and add new members. You want to create a demand for the best country club in the area so you have to deliver. The following are tips to ensure the best experience for all members. 

Maintain The Fitness Equipment

Fitness equipment is a part of every country club. This needs to be cleaned multiple times per day even if there is a policy to wipe down machines after each movie. The last thing you want is anyone getting hurt or having a machine remain unusable for an extended period. There are so many options for gyms and home fitness equipment that the gym at the country club should leave nothing to be desired.

The Pool Area Needs To Be Clean At All Times 

The pool area needs to be immaculate as this is a huge draw for a number of members. People are messy around the pool which means it needs to be cleaned regularly. The lifeguard and rules of the pool should also be explicitly written out. The lifeguard should not have to defend his job every time he tells a child to stop running on the pool deck. Eating around the pool deck should not happen and glass bottles should be forbidden. 

Staff Needs To Be Courteous

Staff needs to have experience working in a country club setting as it can be challenging. Guests demand a bit more in terms of service and some are going to be rude. This is an unfortunate truth as people in all service industry jobs deal with rude human beings. Training should be done on how to respond in certain circumstances where people are asking to speak to management. With all of this being said, to retain top employees there should be a code of conduct explicitly written up for members to sign. 

The Golf Course And Tennis Courts Need To Look Like New 

The golf course is likely a huge draw of any country club. Nobody likes to play on a course where the greens are extremely rough due to a lack of maintenance. Golf is a great relaxing activity where the course should never be impacted negatively by the course being poorly maintained. 

Tennis courts are a staple of country clubs across the country. Tennis court resurfacing has to be done by a top company to ensure quality. Having top tennis players practicing at the courts can create quite a buzz as people always want to be around the best. 

The allure of a country club is being able to take the entire family somewhere they can enjoy in different ways. Business contacts are another benefit as some establishments can have corporate or political giants as members.