Cheers to the Mocktail and Other Healthy Drinks


In the past decade, the beverage industry has seen a major shift away from sugary drinks like sodas and sweet teas, and has progressed to a variety of healthier options. Of course, as the waves of COVID still crash and the new year naturally leads us to new beginnings when it comes to our health goals, the beverage industry is poised to continue the trend in five newer categories for health friendly drinks. 

Function waters, infused with vitamins, minerals, and fruits, are a frequent “go to” in lieu of sugary electrolyte replenishers. These drinks are so popular that the market is expected to reach over $18 billion in the next three years. 

Organic drinks are another big trend. The demand for organic and sustainable ingredients will drive this market to $32.78 billion by 2027. 

Obviously, coffee has long been a staple in virtually every society, but the rise of new varieties and formats is pushing the popularity to even greater heights, causing the ready-to-drink coffee and tea market to surge to $133.9 billion by 2027. 

Tea itself is seeing a rise in its own right as new formats of cold-brews, nitro brews, and teas with functional add-ins appeal especially to those who are conscious of caffeine content. The tea market will reach nearly $70 billion by 2027. 

Finally, the alcoholic market is also embracing new healthy twists with newer, fruity flavors, functional add-ins, and even the non-alcoholic mocktail to provide the same flavors without the side effects. This industry will grow to about $19.5 billion by 2027. 

In 2022, it’s easier than ever to drink a healthy toast to a healthy new year! 

The Rise of the Mocktail