Cardio Workouts to Try

Cardio Workouts to Try

In today’s fast past world many may think that they get enough cardio workout daily just because things are fast paced. However, because of innovative technology much of the “fast pace” is sedentary work sitting at a desk doing computer tasks. So, this leaves no room for debate that cardiovascular exercise is a must in today’s world of increasing obesity rates. It is a key part of having, achieving, or maintaining a healthy lifestyle for many who are on the go. One must take time out to get cardio workouts. It is a must for overall health. One may wonder exactly, what is a cardio workout? Actually, it’s almost anything that will get that heart pumping, so to speak. Cardio is getting that heart rate up and staying up for a period of time. Not only does one’s circulatory and cardiovascular system get a workout but one’s respiratory system gets one too as one will breathe faster and take deeper breaths. However, as previously mentioned, it is good for the overall health and body. So, here are so common cardio workouts to try and even some that Helen Lee Schifter suggests that people should do.

First, just know that there are creative fun ways to get a cardio workout in one’s daily routine without the traditional hour on a treadmill, running, cycling or swimming. It is totally fine to do those traditional workouts but Jumping Rope is another fun way to get that heart rate up too and it can be done anywhere. Yeah, get up from that desk and grab that jump rope that is tossed in the corner and do a few minutes right there.

Second, One can put dancing at the top of the list for one of the best cardio workouts to try whether one has two left feet or not. Dancing is a good way to get that heart pumping and just like jumping rope, it is convenient, as one can take a break from that desk and computer and simply get to moving to one’s playlist.

Next, a good power walk is another cardio workout that everyone should give a try as it is super simple and requires nothing but a few minutes. And, for some who may wonder, does simple plain everyday walking count. Well, like yeah, it does. In fact, it can be just the thing to get beginners started.

Another great way to get a cardio workout is taking the stairs as it will get that heart rate up fast and pumping. One can find stairs anywhere and then again there is always that way of staying indoor with that Stairmaster.

And last, here only a few workouts could be covered as there are many more as Helen Lee Schifter actually suggested some of the ones already mentioned here. However, last but not least on this list are Hula Hooping and Jumping Jacks. Hula hoops are a fantastic way to get those hips going and the heart rate up just as Jumping Jacks is another anytime anywhere cardio break that one can take.