Can You Improve Your Emotional Intelligence?

emotional intelligence

There are some people that you think are just born with natural social skills and being emotionally aware and emotionally intelligent of the world around them. If you’re worried that you won’t be able to up your game on emotional intelligence, think again. The good news for you is that emotional intelligence and soft skills can be a learned skills after all. Studies show that emotional intelligence or in EQ as it is sometimes referred to can actually outweigh the benefits of IQ and can get you further business success by standing out with an array of soft skills.

It’s worth it to brush up on emotional intelligence: for your own well being as well as financially. Even a single point increase of emotional intelligence will bring you up to $1,300 in income per year. Additionally, having emotional intelligence is linked to an impressive 60% of performance metrics for both supervisors and executives alike. So even if you think it’s outside your wheelhouse and only for extroverts, you see clearly that there is significant reward.

Check out more and how to succeed in the business world with the following visual deep dive below containing more information on the benefits of emotional intelligence. 

Is Emotional Intelligence The Key To Career Success?