Can I File a Claim if I Suffer from PTSD After a Car Accident?

Car accidents are a traumatic experience but while filing for compensation, sometimes we fail to take the psychological injuries caused by the accident into account. PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder is a condition that can occur when someone has witnessed a traumatic experience such as an accident, serious injuries and more. 

What are the psychological injuries that can result from an accident?

If you have been a victim of a serious car accident, the impact can be beyond physical injuries, and property damage and can also lead to a lasting negative impact. According to important PTSD information provided by experienced personal injury lawyers in Virginia, there are several frequent psychological injuries to be aware of:

  • Insomnia or sudden nightmares 
  • Flashbacks of the traumatic accident 
  • Reduced concentration, feelings of numbness, helplessness, and loss of appetite
  • Inability to perform regular day to day activities and a desire to stay away from all social interactions 
  • Intense feelings of panic, depression, anxiety, sudden outburst, stress, fear, anger

These psychological injuries can stay with the person for a few days or can last for weeks and months together responds Pothitakis Law Firm, P.C.. Individuals who have been in serious accidents should not ignore any symptoms of PTSD and get treatment immediately to ensure stable mental health.

How can PTSD be diagnosed?

PTSD can be diagnosed by consulting a psychiatrist, medical practitioner, or therapist. Medical professionals use MRI scans and other related diagnostic test methods to confirm that there have been damages to the brain tissue. PTSD is a mental and emotional disorder and hence a professional diagnosis of PTSD is important to substantiate sufferings while filing for a claim. 

Can you seek settlement claims for PTSD?

You are eligible to file for a claim if you or your loved one have suffered from PTSD after an accident and receive compensation from the at-fault party for your emotional sufferings. In order to file a claim successfully, you need to provide evidence from expert witnesses such as psychiatrists, licensed therapists, medical professionals who can diagnose your PTSD and confirm that the trauma that you are suffering is a direct result of the accident. 

Since PTSD is related to mental and emotional damages, it is difficult to quantify it. Insurance companies use this to their benefit and can try to deny your compensation or provide you with the lowest possible amount which does not suffice to even the slightest amount for the trauma you have suffered. Hence, you need to consult a professional who has knowledge and experience in quantifying the damages associated with PTSD and determining the value of your case. 

How can a good personal injury lawyer assist you?

If you have been suffering from PTSD, contact a personal injury lawyer immediately. Settlements for PTSD are paid by insurance companies who apply several formulas to compare the accident with similar other accidents and try to find the lowest possible claim compensation. An experienced attorney is familiar with the nuances of psychological injuries and can build a compelling argument for your case. This will ensure that you get the correct compensation for the mental and emotional trauma you have faced.