Best New Jersey Restaurants

New Jersey is known for some good food. Many restaurants serve home cooked meals and diner food is often made from scratch. Andrew Napolitano has some great places that he likes to stop by when he is in the area. These are some of the best restaurants in New Jersey:

Café Chameleon

This café has some bright colors but it is the food that is really attention getting. There are some interesting blends and plenty of flavors. Some notable dishes are the roasted onion start and the Goffle Road Farm eggs which are grits mixed with herbs and lobster. There is good food that is reasonably priced.


This restaurant will allow a person to have a five course meal. There are plenty of fresh ingredients used and each bite is packed with a lot of flavors. There is a long wine list and some customers made a cocktail that is served here.

The Frog and the Peach

This restaurant was recently renovated and was given a good deep cleaning for the safety of the customers. There is sophisticated food such as the black truffle ricotta gnocchi and the skirt steak with a peppercorn sauce.


This is a place known for hot and sizzling food. There is a wood-burning stove and all of the food is served hot. There are hot skillets sent right to the table. When a person goes to this place they should try the red snapper and the steaks are always a big hit here.

II Nido

This is a famous Italian place but the chef is not Italian. This does not stop him from making some authentic Italian food.

There are some unique pasta dishes and the food items are lightly breaded. There is plenty of room for those that want to dine indoors as there are three separate dining rooms for the guests.

Juniper Hill

This place has something for everyone. The chef knows that people have all different tastes and they want to make sure there is something for everyone. There are some good casual dishes and grilled pizza seems to be a big hit. The fried chicken sandwich is simple but it is full of flavor. This shows that good food can be simple. The restaurant takes casual dishes and prepares them correctly so that a person can enjoy a good meal.

Restaurant Latour

The restaurant may not be the most fashionable and some of the décor may not be appealing but many find eating at this place to be rewarding. They want people to enjoy the food and they will allow a person to enjoy some of the best tastes. There is a Spanish influence in the dishes which brings plenty of flavors. There is also a great wine list.

These are some of the best places to eat in the state of New Jersey according to Andrew Napolitano. All of the food is cooked fresh and is full of flavor. These restaurants will not disappoint.