All You Need to Know About THC Chocolate

It’s not until recently that Cannabis Sativa laws were relaxed by the U.N and the cannabis was reclassified as a non-risky narcotic. Today, the two known extracts of marijuana are THC(Tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD(cannabidiol). Although there lacks extensive research on these extracts due to legislative hitches, existing research has indicated significant benefits and uses of these extracts. 

With all the options available, many people are choosing more options than the traditional pipe and paper. There are marijuana-infused products commonly known as edibles. These products provide options for people who can’t smoke or just have a preference for ingesting the plant. Marijuana edibles come in different ways such as candy bars, THC chocolate, cookies, and a CBD chocolate bar.

Cannabis Sativa plant and its compound, THC, and CBD is now a treasure trove in any country. This is because of its multi-purpose usage and properties. With the current economic and climatic scenarios in the world, the push towards the use of sustainable resources to reduce our dependence on petrochemicals is on the frontlist. In addition to the minimization of chemical independence, the impact on the environment will be controlled. Plants are precious natural resources because they can supply both lignocellulosic and phytochemicals biomass. Cannabis is a powerful source of fibers, oils, and molecules.

Why THC and CBD Edibles?

Smoking cannabis can be an uncomfortable affair sometimes especially around people due to the smell of the smoke. For this reason, having to eat a canabis cookie or sucking on a bar of THC chocolate is an easier and more convenient way to consume cannabis may it before medical reasons or leisure.

However, before trying any cannabis-infused sweet, a healthy dose of caution is in order. Most of the packets on the THC chocolates and CBD edibles have a clear guideline on how to consume them including the amounts of CBD or THC in them. In Addition, knowing what constitutes a healthy dose is key to achieving a successful self-care regimen.

How to eat cannabis-infused confectioneries

It’s important to understand that cannabis-infused edibles enter the bloodstream after being digested, being broken down, and absorbed in your intestines. For first-time marijuana users, it’s important to start with a low dose of around 10-15 mg of active THC or CBD to avoid overdoses. Remember, despite the benefits, it still remains to be a drug and if taken in excess, it may cause you trouble.

Keep a journal to record your experiments with different products and ratios. Try and distinguish what ratio and dosage yield the maximum therapeutic effect. for people who have breathing problems that can be worsened by smoke, having edibles is an option rather than smoking and those who have digestive or eating disorders can also per take in the edibles for example THC chocolates which are not only a great source of reducing nausea but also have the essential nutrients and calories.

Expectant mothers dealing with hyperemesis(morning sickness) and cancer patients can have a small dosage of CBD as it aids in curbing nausea. Most people will prefer to have edibles since they are not only discrete and is the modern way of ingesting marijuana.

The three main different types of edibles

  1. Hybrid– Some food items like drinks and chocolate bars are found in this category because they are designed to be absorbed in the mouth and stomach. They often offer fast relief, approximately within half an hour, and can last for a few hours.
  2. Oral uptake– edibles geared towards oral intake can affect the user almost immediately but tends to wear off a little faster (within two to three hours). Edibles such as lozenges, tinctures, and suckers (Designed for holding in the mouth for extended periods)
  3. Gastrointestinal uptake– Most of the common edibles are geared towards gastrointestinal absorption. Most foods fall under this category as they have their absorption in the stomach. These edibles tend to take longer to activate within the body (sometimes as long as two hours), but produce a longer-lasting effect (up to eight hours of relief).

The health benefits of THC and CBD in chocolate or confectionaries

Consuming THC-laced confectioneries provides privacy and also comfort especially around people where you cannot puff the blunt. THC has been proven to have health benefits such as; 

  1. Pain relief– Our bodies have cannabinoid receptors therefore when consumed they can give relief to cancer patients, people with chronic nerve pain, pain associated with Parkinson’s disease, migraine, fibromyalgia and may have modest effects on the pain and muscle spasticity that comes with multiple sclerosis.
  2. Glaucoma- Because of the ability to lower the pressure in the eye, THC can be best consumed as an edible than an eyedrop because of its insoluble property in water.
  3. Insomnia – Sleep is an important part of growth yet as we tend to grow older, sleep eludes us because of several reasons like stress. THC analgesic properties can restore your body’s natural sleep pattern without having any negative effect on you.
  4. Low appetite- In cannabis compounds, the THC is responsible for its psychological effect therefore it can stimulate your appetite.
  5. Nausea – THC will be absorbed in your bloodstream and stimulates the body to perform actions the feeling of vomiting. 
  6. Anxiety- People who suffer from PTSD, phobias, panic disorder, social anxiety, and agoraphobia have found some relief in using THC. Studies have indicated the potential of cannabis to relieve stress as it affects brain activity.
  7. Menstrual cramps and PMDD- Many women have reported experiencing period pain at some point in their life. The use of cannabidiol has been proven to provide some relief from aggravating pain during these cycles.
  8. Blood pressure – Short term and long term marijuana use can affect blood pressure. When people first consume marijuana, they will often experience a moderate increase in both blood pressure and heart rate. Then, following that initial spike, they will have a decrease in blood pressure. Once someone has marijuana tolerance after using it regularly, they often don’t experience an increase in their blood pressure at all after consumption. Instead, long-term cannabis users may experience lower blood pressure. various studies have indicated that some people use marijuana to them keep their blood pressure at a healthy level.

Tips on making edibles fun and safe

If you are planning on undertaking THC confectioneries for pleasure, here are a few ways to indulge in them without putting your health at risk;

  1. If you attend an event that has cannabis, ensure you know the levels of your pot before consumption.
  2. If you are new to edibles, it would be highly advisable to take a small portion and feel how your body reacts.
  3. If you eat an edible on an empty stomach less time to be absorbed than when you are on a full stomach.
  4. Be smart when using any edible, you should avoid mixing it with controlled substances such as alcohol and pharmaceutical drugs.
  5. Read the ingredient and nutritional list to ensure you’re aware of the product for any allergens.
  6. Take your rate of metabolism into consideration to get control of your body.

Debunking myths surrounding the use of THC and CBD

More of the older generation are prone to be judgemental of the usage of any cannabis product. This is because the drug has had a history of association with crime and other negative effects in society. While this may be true, it’s also good to acknowledge the positive effects it has had especially on the medical department over the years. With extracts such as CBD, which are deprived of the THC component, marijuana is rapidly gaining popularity as a safe therapy for many medical conditions.

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is a main psychoactive component compound of the Sativa plant. Some of the most common myths are;

  • Use of cannabis can kill you– It’s unlikely for one to overdose on cannabis because of the compound found in each pound. For an overdose to happen, studies suggest that one has to consume at least 6,800kg in 15 minutes.
  • bipolar disorder– This is a much-contested claim about THC. There is no question that some cannabis users have experienced psychosis. However, what is becoming more apparent is that those who have experienced some form of psychosis have been found to have a susceptibility to it. Whereby, the susceptibility may be included in a person’s genetic makeup, child abuse history, infections, or even their socioeconomic status. In conditions like bipolar, studies have found that most of the THC users are those already diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Now as a counterpart, research shows that the use of THC has played a role in stabilizing the patient’s mood as well as alleviating the symptoms suffered.
  • Vaporizing is just as bad as smoking– While the dangers of smoking cannabis are disputed, vaporizing is considered a safer way to consume cannabis. Vaporizing burns cannabis below its combustion temperature and therefore does not produce smoke, leaving the user to consume cannabis just as they would through other delivery methods such as oils, edibles, and tablets.
  • Synthetic cannabis is better than natural cannabis – This is not always true. Lab-created synthetic cannabis by a reliable manufacturer follows safety standards. It’s common for synthetic cannabis made in a reliable lab to be used for medicinal purposes. However, synthetic cannabis produced for recreational use without the required checks and measures can be dangerous and should be avoided. An inconsistent product can be dangerous to the consumer because they may not know what exactly they’re taking or how much. Testing by authorities in the US after several people died found external agents such as feces, rat poison, and dangerous opioids.
  • Edibles do not contain real cannabis – Cannabis can be infused into most snacks. These edibles can come in the form of sweets, chocolates, and cakes, cookies, etc. The content in them may be of an equal or higher dose than the plant itself.

CBD has also its share of myths. For instance, some people believe that CBD can get you high. Well, this is not true as CBD lacks THC which is the active ingredient that causes the high feeling. On the other hand, some believe that CBD is a magical product that solves all medical conditions. As much as it’s beneficial, it’s important to note that CBD can also have dangerous side effects, especially if used alongside other drugs.

Some believe that one dose of CBD is enough to solve a medical condition. This is not entirely true. For you to realize any effects of CBD, it must be used for a prolonged period. 

Although many states have legalized the use of marijuana, some states still maintain the illegality of the plant. However, those advocating for nationwide legalization have argued that legalizing marijuana will have the following benefits to both individuals and society at large.

1.Reduce harm– The criminalization of marijuana has often led to the mass arrest of black people. Considering the cultural lifestyle associated with the drug, it would be prudent to make it legal to stop unnecessary arrests.

2.Create jobs– It’s no doubt that marijuana is the nation’s top cash crop. Legalizing it would ensure more opportunities for individuals and businesses seeking to explore the industry. This will also lead to more research and certainly more surprising discoveries.

3.Save money– legalizing marijuana will reduce the cost of operations in criminal justice and the department of corrections as there will be fewer incarcerations due to marijuana sale or use. Further, the prison populations will be significantly reduced as they are mostly overcrowded with people with misdemeanors such as marijuana possession in low amounts.

4.Promote consumer safety– Product testing strategies have been introduced in markets where the plant is legal. This means consumers are better protected from criminals who may introduce other harmful products in the market. Evidently, if users are forced to hide, then the supply of low-quality or even poisonous marijuana may be prevalent due to the desperation involved under such circumstances.

As the marijuana industry continues to grow, it’s evident that there will be more introductions in the market. The THC and CBD products in the market today are proof of acceptance of marijuana. Considering the associated health benefits, it’s important for more research to be done to get people more informed. Of course, you’ll want to know the full potential of that CBD chocolate bar or Lulu’s chocolate bar you enjoy on a good weekend. As for the creative minds behind the extraction and infusion of marijuana products into mouth pleasuring edibles, this is just the beginning.