A New Way to Manage Your Healthcare

America’s current healthcare system is challenging to navigate. Share HealthCare is here to help you find a compassionate and effective way to navigate the system. Americans are used to dealing with long telephone wait times, complicated and confusing guidelines, expensive out-of-pocket costs, unfriendly customer service, and a complete lack of transparency when it comes to their healthcare programs. Frustrated by rising costs and impersonal bureaucracy, many health-conscious Americans are turning to healthcare sharing ministries like Share HealthCare to answer the question, “Isn’t there a better way to do this?”

A word of warning: health care sharing ministries are not created equal. Some rely on outdated technologies and procedures that put them at risk of federal noncompliance, penalties, and possibly even termination. Share HealthCare is built from the ground up to be a fully compliant and technologically modern healthcare cost sharing ministry.

In this article, we’ll answer two important questions:

1. What is a Christian Health Care Sharing Ministry?

2. What makes Share HealthCare different from other HCSM?

What is a Christian Health Care Sharing Ministry?

First, and most importantly, HCSMs are not insurance. (In everything they do, every HCSM is legally required to state the disclaimer which can be found here.)  Though the membership requirements vary by organization, health sharing ministries are communities of individuals and families who strive to live healthy and provide voluntary relief to those faced with the burden of rising healthcare costs. Developed in the 1980s by Christians as their Biblical response to burdensome medical costs and unwanted medical procedures, healthcare sharing is a practical way to equally distribute the weight of your neighbors’ and your own burdens while practicing healthy living and biblical principles which inspire us to do better every day.

One very practical advantage of joining a Christian Health Care Sharing Ministry is that it is no longer just you against the entire healthcare world. Healthcare sharing ministries are non-profit organizations with members who help carry each other’s burden of increasing medical costs. When Share HealthCare members incur medical expenses, their professional team advocates on your behalf, working directly with healthcare providers to renegotiate expensive bills and pass the savings along to you. 

Share HealthCare helps their members save money on medical bills by working together with providers who deal in real-world numbers (not estimates, projections, or educated guesses) to ensure you receive accurate, up-front pricing for common medical procedures so you get the best possible care at the most affordable price. Because their members strive to live clean, healthy, and active lifestyles; avoid unhealthy habits, refrain from dangerous activities, and choose only necessary medical procedures, they require fewer medical visits, have shorter recovery times, and lower medical bills. 

What Makes Share HealthCare Different from Other HCSMs?

Share HealthCare is different from other healthcare sharing ministries because they’ve developed a fully compliant and truly direct member-to-member healthcare sharing network. It’s an easy, online, and modern way to Share HealthCare expenses with your friends and neighbors. Their intuitive online dashboard puts your healthcare at your fingertips. Submit medical expenses, browse the list of providers, view your membership information, make charitable donations, and receive shares–all in real time. 

Unlike some other HCSMs who risk federal noncompliance and program termination by distributing shares from a pooled central account (a big no-no for HCSMs!), Share HealthCare members receive their own individual FDIC-approved sharing accounts so that share amounts are distributed directly between member accounts without ever being collected in a central fund. Their secure member-to-member cost sharing network facilitates real-time sharing between members, keeping the ministry financially transparent, up-to-date, and fully compliant with the latest regulations and preserving the ministry’s share power for years to come. 

Your and your family’s health is important–why risk missing out on top-quality healthcare and affordable prescription medications at a health sharing ministry that can’t do everything Share HealthCare can?   

Are you ready to join a non-profit, ACA-exempt medical cost sharing ministry using the latest online technology to provide an enhanced user experience along with convenient, affordable, and premium access to high-quality healthcare and prescription medications? 

Join Share HealthCare Today

  1. Apply Online or by Phone

You can submit an online Information Sheet at www.sharehealthcare.com or give them a call at (844) 249-5145 to speak with a member of the Share HealthCare team who will walk you through the process step-by-step.

  1. Pick a Membership Sharing Level

Share HealthCare offers memberships for individuals, couples, and families. Select the membership sharing level which best suits your needs or contact us if you have any questions.

  1. Submit Member Information Sheet for Approval

Complete the Member Information Sheet with all necessary information, fill out a brief medical questionnaire, and we’ll take it from there. Missing or inaccurate information can delay the process, so please verify everything is filled out correctly!

  1. Welcome to Share HealthCare!

Upon approval, you’ll receive your Share HealthCare welcome information and access to the secure, state-of-the-art website where you’ll contribute your first monthly share amount, view membership details, experience true member-to-member healthcare health sharing, and much more!