A Movement for Promoting Health and Wellness

Dr Jejuirkar

Helen Lee Schifter has consistently been an advocate of promoting the need to lead a healthy lifestyle filled with health and wellness, to the masses. Her position has consistently been one that many can understand and recognize the value of. First, there is an obesity epidemic in this country. There needs to be something done to educate our younger generation of the importance of exercise and other activities they can engage in that will help them with leading a healthier lifestyle. 

Thanks to Michelle Obama’s initiative during her husband’s Presidential tenure in the White House, the obesity epidemic got considerable media attention and rightfully so. The amount of our nation’s children that have fallen victim to obesity as a result of the lack of attention that we as a nation have chosen to place on this matter is frankly, a disgrace.

We should all collectively be following in Michelle Obama’s lead by ensuring that more and more parents take care of their children from a young age. There needs to be education instituted in our children’s classrooms from a very young age – in both public and private schools, seeking to foster and promote a healthier lifestyle. Kids should be aware that their choices when it  comes to what they eat, have real and substantive consequences. 

These consequences can take various forms – and unfortunately, they can also take physical forms. Teachers in public and private schools should be teaching our children that they are what they eat. Or at least, there lies a very serious risk that they may very well be, if they don’t take necessary and important precautions. 

Helen Lee Schifter is a health expert who has been very vocal about the need for there to be reforms in this area – so that our kids understand the value of eating in a responsible and healthy fashion. This is an idea that must be aggressively promoted among those that have considerable social equity; followings and audiences on social media and beyond. 

You have a responsibility as an influencer to use your platform for constructive purposes. What could possibly be a more constructive use of your platform than ensuring the younger generation maintains a healthy lifestyle. Assuming the younger generation takes notice and heeds the message, it  can literally save lives in some cases. And in other cases, it can have the effect of ensuring that someone’s lifespan is NOT reduced, in a way it otherwise would.

What could possibly be a more noble purpose through which for a celebrity or notable figure to use his or her audience, then for this one. It  is literally about saving lives and ensuring that our next generation does not engage in self destructive behavior. And yes – it  most definitely is the case, that eating foods that are grossly unhealthy amounts to self destructive behavior. 

What could possibly be anything but self destructive about it ? You are eating foods (intentionally or not) that will lead your cholesterol count to increase to potentially unhealthy minds. We need a properly coordinated and strategic movement and network developed of influencers and recognizable figures, that seeks to communicate this important message to a younger generation. They need to be educated, both inside and outside of the classroom. We cannot afford to waste any further time, before getting to work on this important matter. It  is about the health of our young generation. Our youth deserve our support, dedication and commitment.