A Guide to Consistent Exercise

A Guide to Consistent Exercise

Many people believe that exercising is complicated and time-consuming. But the truth is that most people have no idea what it takes to start and maintain a rigorous workout routine. For those who are willing to do the work, though, there are no limits. Motivation has a lot to do with accountability and commitment. If you are one of those people who cannot manage to find the time to exercise, you must find a person or persons who will hold you accountable and make sure that you stick with it.

A Guide to Consistent Exercise

1. Start right.

Before you even think of exercising, you should make a plan. Determine an appropriate time to exercise and write it down. Setting up a schedule enables you to feel more comfortable with the amount of time you choose to spend in the gym or on the treadmill. You need to feel like one of those people who shows up every day, no matter what! Make sure you begin very light to become accustomed to it while still feeling good each session.

2. Stick to a routine.

After you have mapped out your plan, the next step is to stick with it. Change your workouts so they are random, and keep yourself pushing past your limits. Set up a schedule that keeps you from getting bored and helps you never mind skipping days because of your busy schedule. You will feel an enormous sense of self-confidence if you find that you can follow through and stick to a plan.

3. Set goals.

According to Dr. Jordan Sudberg the only way that you are going to get anywhere with exercise is if you set goals and stick to them. If you don’t have a goal, you’ll likely give up before you even begin working out consistently. If you have trouble staying motivated, it can help to find a workout pal or partner who will cheerlead you along the way.

4. Remember the purpose

If the main reason why people don’t work out is that they say they are too busy, then they don’t understand what exercise is all about. It doesn’t take that much time, and it’s always worth your while in the long run. One of the easiest ways to make exercise a part of your life is to make it a habit. As you get into the habit and see all the benefits you’ll be enjoying, it will be much easier for you to stick with it!

5. Keep yourself motivated.

According to Dr. Jordan Sudberg, many people do not keep themselves motivated. You must find something that keeps you wanting to push yourself further and try harder. If you don’t, it will be easy for you to fall off the bandwagon and not bother exercising at all. If you remember why it is so important, keeping yourself motivated will be much easier.

6. Get a friend.

It can be tough to make exercise a habit, but it’s even more complicated if you don’t work out with someone else. Having a workout partner or friend can help you stay on track and look forward to the things you’re doing.

Exercising is a must if you want to stay fit and healthy. It doesn’t matter how busy you are; you must figure out a way to make exercise fit into your life. Even just a little bit makes all of the difference.