The Reviews Are In! Dr. Sameer Jejurikar Garners Five Stars With Satisfied Patients

Surgery reviews of Dr. Jejurikar

It’s important to perform due diligence when seeking out a plastic surgeon, and one of the best ways to find the perfect doctor is to read reviews from former patients. These reviews can provide insight into quality, value, office staff, prices, and overall treatment. Dr. Sameer Jejurikar must be doing something right, because his reviews are top-notch!

Procedure Options and Years in Medical Care

Dr. Jejurikar is well known for several procedures, including breast enhancements, butt enhancements, and the mommy makeover. He is board-certified and has been practicing for 17 years. As a Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute member, Jejurikar focuses on cosmetic options for the body, breasts, eyes, nose, and face. Reviews of his work and bedside manner are overwhelmingly positive, with patients expressing their happiness with the treatments they’ve received.

From patients seeking something as inclusive as a mommy makeover to patients looking for a smaller procedure targeting only one area of the body, Dr. Jejurikar’s reviews speak for themselves.

Past patient Tery D. posted, “I had a mommy makeover, [tummy tuck], [muscle repair], [breast lift]l with fat transfer and lipo to flank, upper and lower back. I’m 6 weeks PO (post-op), and I love the results! Dr. J was very friendly and answered all my questions. I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone!”

Patients state they’ve been treated well at his office, his prices are fair, and they can rely on him to care for them with a thoroughness and attention to detail that’s very important in a cosmetic surgeon. The small details can make a large difference in the actual outcome of cosmetic changes.

Known for Knowledge, Skills, and Accessibility

Many reviews of Jejurikar speak specifically to his skills, the knowledge he has of the procedures he’s performing, and his accessibility. According to patients, he’s easy to work with, easy to reach with questions, and willing to take the time to explain everything so patients feel comfortable with the procedures they’re choosing. If there’s a reason why a particular procedure may not be right for them or why a different one could be a better choice, he’ll work with them.

Dakota P. had this to say about her experience: “The minute I met him, I felt comfortable and excited about moving forward with the surgery. His bedside manner is nothing short of phenomenal, and he gives you as much time as you need to answer any questions or explain anything to you. I have never once felt rushed or embarrassed to ask him something that is on my mind.”

Skills are important for any plastic surgeon, especially where larger procedures, such as the mommy makeover, are concerned. This is also true for more delicate procedures, such as those on the eyes, nose, or overall face. Being easily accessible matters to patients, but many reviewers also cited Jejurikar’s skill and knowledge as exceptional.

Providing Honest, Compassionate Advice

Another main point made in many reviews is the way Jejurikar offers honest opinions and compassionate advice to ensure patients are getting the information they need to make informed decisions about their plastic surgery options. Patients stated they received solid medical advice and quality care and Jejurikar listened to them and answered their questions. That can help patients make better decisions about their treatment, which can lead to them being happier with their results.

Honesty is extremely important for a doctor since it’s critical patients know they can rely on their physician to tell them the truth about a condition or a procedure. If a patient has expectations that can’t be met, it’s vital they understand that before undergoing any plastic surgery treatment. According to his reviews, Dr. Jejurikar works with patients to be sure they have the right expectations going into their surgery, so they’ll be happy with the results and confident in their new look.