The Best Online Resources for Pre-PA and Pre-Nursing

If you’re taking steps to enter the healthcare industry, utilizing the right digital resources can ensure a successful start from day one.  Here are the 3 best digital resources for pre-PA and pre-Nursing students who are not only preparing to start their careers, but ready to find the best match for their talents! 

Get Advanced Clinical Certifications Online  

More and more, hospitals, clinics, and schools are seeking applicants who also have advanced clinical certifications, with training in direct patient care skills, diagnostic and treatment procedures, medical decision-making, and much more. For the average pre-health student, this additional requirement can mean months of additional schooling and expenses, with limited program options and very little flexibility.

This frustrating lack of options for pre-health students has been the catalyst for the development of innovative online resources like Advanced eClinical Training. Geared to health science students interested in pursuing advanced medical degrees such as Physician Assistant (PA-C), Medicine (MD/DO), Nursing (BSN, NP, FNP), their self-paced, fully online programs seek to develop and refine students’ clinical skills for entry into direct patient care roles in as little as 8-12 weeks. 

Work with a Healthcare-Specific Placement Agency

When you’re finally ready to look for a permanent position, it’s likely you haven’t even considered a staffing agency. In fact, they can be a valuable resource in your search for your dream job in healthcare! 

When you work with an agency, they take the time to get to know you as a professional, understand your wants and needs, and use their industry connections to do the heavy lifting for you. These agencies also regularly work with hospitals and healthcare facilities around the country, so they have accurate, modern insight into the job market and what recruiters are looking for. 

On Time Talent Solutions uses 20+ years of healthcare staffing experience to secure the best candidates for clinical and non-clinical roles. With an emphasis on assisted living communities and primary care practices, On Time has multiple locations across the United States. From their personalized introductory consultation to customized healthcare job sourcing on your behalf, they can be your long-term trusted advisor and career development partner!  

Consider Going National for your First Position

Nursing and physician assistant (PA) jobs are growing rapidly across the United States. In fact, there were over 1 million job openings for these professions last year alone, and The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts employment opportunities for these professionals to grow at a rate of 14 percent through 2024. 

Demand for nurse practitioners and physician assistants is high due to the aging population and increasing number of patients who need medical care, but the states with the highest demand for healthcare workers are constantly changing due to market pressures, retirement trends, and availability of new graduates. So, if you’re open to relocating, look nationally for your first position!  

For example, the healthcare industry in Arizona offers many ways for job seekers to shape their career paths. Plus, Arizona job seekers can work for some of the nation’s top healthcare companies located right in the valley. Curious if you should start your career in Arizona’s thriving healthcare industry? Visit BestCompaniesAZ to learn more about the top healthcare employers and discover what roles they’re hiring for.